Highlight + Ninja Bowl + Tsuta Ramen

This is really the year of highlights.

I got addicted to them from like, mid last year? And I had a humble amount of highlighters at that time..
This pic was posted June 2016, so I guess I started collecting them maybe at the start of 2016? No idea.

My very first favorite highlight will forever and always be - Laura Mercier's Matte Radiance Baked Powder Highlight. It suits almost all skin tones and its the kinda highlight that you can't go wrong with or put too much of. Beginners, this one is for you😉 

It was my 1st high end highlight and till now, I'm still using the same one even though I have another back up in my makeup drawer.
& this above pic was posted in October 2016, just 4 months after the 1st picture, & look at how it double. No, tripled 😂

I think within that 4 months I must have been on a highlight shopping craze & started carting out highlights nonstop.


I'm intending to do an updated highlight collection but, I seem to always be waiting for the next best highlight to be added in to my collection before I post it. So, I've been delaying it for awhile. 

Here's the next highlights that I have my eyes on..
Needles to say, the Too Faced highlights 😍

I'll probably be only getting 1 shade, the lightest one. Cause it's my kinda color.

It's said to launch in April so I'm patiently waiting...

#dayrebeauty #dayremakeup
Anastasia Beverly Hill's Aurora Palette. Which I'm still sitting on the fence about cause..

I already own their Moonchid palette and I'll be receiving the Nicole G. palette soon too.

So, do I really need this?

And, I think the next one is a perfect dupe for it..
BH Cosmetics Backlight Highlight palette which is so adorable! And when I say it's a dupe, I'm not saying they copied ABH aurora palette cause, BH Cosmetics launched theirs first! 

See how similar some of the shades are? So I'll definitely rather be spending my $ on this instead.

Yep, so far these are the highlights I'm intending to get.. 

Omg, these brands needs to stop releasing so many new highlights. I cannot resists....


Moving on to food...
Finally tried Ninja Bowl with my girls last week! 

I ordered the.. Sakura something. Which was the grilled salmon bowl.

& sadly, it fared lower than my expectations. Maybe it was the lack of avocados 😂 I love having my grilled salmon (which was a tad too dry) with avocados and this just felt very sour and dry? The sourness was from the salad sauce which I have no idea what it is and the pickled cucumbers. Even though I was excited about the onsen egg, it didn't go well with the whole bowl.
We ordered these for starters and I like them better than the bowls 😂

Cauli Pops which is fried cauliflowers served with a side of Siracha mayo dip. Omg I love the dip. Damn good.

And shoestring Truffle fries!

Maybe I ordered the wrong bowl at Ninja bowl. 

Will I return again? 

I don't mind!

But the next time round I'll order the Salmon Poke bowl instead of grilled salmon. 

My friend who tried their steak said it was very good! So if you love beef.. you should try it out!
What I wore that day.

Top - Zara 
Skirt - GU at Japan
Shoes - Adidas
Bag - Zara 
Pom Pom earring - Bangkok
With Juan & Adels!

Megan was in the restroom, 😂

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties
My favorite healthy bowl is definitely Pimp My Salad from Suntec's Pasarbella! I used to eat it all the time for lunch as my office was located just opposite Suntec. But now that I've shifted office, I can't eat it so often anymore 😭

Love love love the guacamole & the salmon & the roasted pumpkin there.

I've yet to try similar food like Grain Traders! But both places are a little out of the way for me, not far but.. out of the way. Haha. So maybe next time.

I also wanna to try Aloha Poke!😍
My dinner for 1 last night cause SX had work so I settled dinner before going home. Love this from Makisan too! I created my own salad which consisted of...

- 2 servings of salmon sashimi 
- tofu 
- edamame
- avocado
- cucumber 
- cherry tomato 
- tuna 
& for sauce, I picked Ponzu which I really like!

I'm not on a diet anymore but I still find myself picking healthier food choices when I'm dining alone. When I'm out with friends or SX, I just eat whatever everyone wants so that balances it out
Was invited to try out Tsuta Ramen at the new Taiseng outlet. 

Thanks @jaynetham ðŸ˜˜

& as you can see, they serve 2 types of ramen there.

The Shoyu with truffle oil soup base and the Miso soup base.

If you have a heavier taste bud, you should try the Miso base and if you're like me, prefer a lighter broth, pick the Shoyu with Truffle oil!
Both SX and I ordered the Shoyu + Truffle oil ramen!
We got the ramen with all toppings!

I love the broth so much that I almost drank it all. The Truffle oil makes it so fragrant! Not too strong, just a hint of truffle with each mouthful. 😍

I miss it already!

The noodle texture also very different from the usual ramen!
All the happy tummies after 😍
Craving for Poke bowl, so I'm having this for dinner right now!

Teppei syokudo that I bought from Ion basement and brought to Salon Vim to eat while I'm doing my hair.

So goooooddddd😍😍😍


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