Beauty Treats at Capitol Piazza

I’m sure we’ve all been to, if not, passed by Capitol Piazza whenever we are in City Hall area. 

(image credits to: Perennial Real Estate Holdings Limited)

I’ve personally been to the mall a couple of times for meals with my friends and for retail therapy and it really helps when the location is so convenient. An underground link to the City Hall MRT station which is just about the main MRT station in Singapore.

 Another reason why I like visiting Capitol Piazza is the several prestigious brands, preeminent flagship stores and innovative retail concepts ranging from fashion and lifestyle to wellness indulgences plus an array of dining options from all over the globe. 

With the end of the year drawing near, especially when Christmas is a season of celebrations, why not take this opportunity to pamper and reward yourself after a year of hard work. Get that complete makeover for a new look to start the New year or why not just grab the beauty item you have been eyeing for all along! 

Let me share with you the beauty services I got to experience at Capitol Piazza.

#B2-15 | 9090 3074

I headed over to Bb Laboratories, which is a skincare brand from Japan that focuses on your skin type for individual’s specific needs. As their goal is to not produce general purposes skincare products, each product recommended to their customers is specially selected to treat individual’s skin’s concern and I really like that in a brand.

After consulting with the sales assistant, who was so attentive and patient on answering all my questions on my skincare concerns, she recommended these products to treat my skin issues.

The Placenta Extract, Bb Rich Placenta Drink, PH Massage Gel Pro, Placenta & Hyalurone Mask and Hyalurone Clear Veil Skin Powder.

The product that I couldn’t wait to try was definitely the Placenta Extract, which was definitely their bestseller!

Placenta helps to stimulate cell proliferation as well as skin renewal. It also contains large quantities of natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for skin vitalization. It is also filled with amino acids, which have excellent moisturizing properties.

I was blown away after seeing the Before & After pictures!

My skin was having a slight breakout at that point when I visited Bb Laboratories so I was really psyched to try it out and from the half used bottle above, you can tell how much I’m loving this product right? My skin’s condition definitely improved and my pimple marks were fading relatively quickly. Thank you Bb Laboratories.

The next stop was to…

#B2-16 | 6694 0777

HighBrow is a one-stop expert in brow grooming and its services ranges from basic brow threading and tweezing, facials, eyelash extensions to semi-permanent works such as Brow Enliven which delivers a natural looking brow embroidery. 

And today, I decided to go with eyelash extensions!

I got to select the type of eyelash extensions I wanted from the menu above and I decided to go for something full yet not too over the top.

And I just rested for an hour + and before I knew it, I was done!

I’ve been to several different eyelash extension boutiques before and HighBrow is the only one that applies an under eye mask for their customers! So while you are getting your lashes done, your under eye area is being pampered and moisturized at the same time.. how thoughtful of them!

& here’s how it looks like when 1 side is done. Huge difference right?!

The entire experience was really pleasant and I love the results of my lashes. It was exactly what I was looking for – full yet not too spidery looking. 

And the best thing is how comfortable the extensions feel, so soft and light! The staying power of the lashes were pretty solid too.

Here’s how the lashes looked after 2 weeks, still so full and pretty!
I would definitely recommend HighBrow if you are looking for any beauty services as they are really amazing at what they do. I wish I knew about them earlier!

For the Christmas period, HighBrow is offering their lash extension at S$77 instead of S$168 for all first timers, so if you are keen on trying it out, there is no better time than now.

Surely there’s something at Capitol Piazza that you are looking for this Christmas, so be sure to head over this festive season with your friends and family!

XOXO, here’s wishing everyone an early Merry Xmas & Happy New Year.


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