ASIENCE Moisture Rich

My hair has been pretty damaged for the longest time, ever since I went through 2 rounds of bleaching to get it to reach blonde the texture of my hair was never the same again. My hair ends are always dry and constantly looking frizzy if I do not apply tons of hair serum to it. I couldn’t even let my hair air dry naturally because it would look too disheveled. So I had to always blow dry it straight with my hair dryer which isn’t the best thing to do, applying heat onto already damaged hair.

Aside from trimming my hair ends regularly, there was pretty much nothing I could do to improve the condition of my hair, until I received the new ASIENCE Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner.

ASIENCE’s improved formulation contains moisture retaining ingredients that penetrates into the hair core to plump up hollowed hair shaft found in dry, damaged hair with the help of ASIENCE’s proprietary Hair Beautifying Technology.

The end result? 

Hair that is repaired and moisturised, restoring shine and suppleness from within.

I really love the new packaging too!

The gold all over makes it look pretty luxurious and the burst of colors makes my bathroom look so much brighter and it just lifts up my mood whenever I shower.

The key feature of is the All-Day Hydration and Shine with 24 hours moisture lock.

After switching my hair routine to using the new ASIENCE shampoo and conditioner, my hair became smoother and more manageable. I no longer have frizzy hair ends and I find less hair breakage too! My room floor used to be filled with tiny stands of hair that was broken whenever I comb through it but now, it has lessen but quite a bit.

Even after being out the entire day, going to work and heading out after, my hair still looks and feels the same as when I first stepped out of my home. 

Feel it yourself!!

You can too experience this hair transformation by redeeming a sample of the new ASIENCE Moisture Rich shampoo & conditioner here: 

Having a healthy and shiny head of hair is very vital for one’s appearance, so do remember to treat it with the best products, and you’ll definitely not be disappointed after trying out the all new ASIENCE Moisture rich range. There’s also the volume rich variant which you can try out too!

If you wish to find out more on the ASIENCE Moisture Rich range, you can visit their website here:


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