Beauty Review: Sleek & Kat Von D

Finally received my Sleek highlighting palette yesterday after almost 2 months. But the highly coveted solstice was OOS and I didn't wanna wait for it anymore so I just told them to refund me my $. I also ordered a color correcting palette which was OOS too.

So in the end, my parcel only consisted of the Precious Metal highlight palette and 1 blusher.

I also wandered into Sephora after work and left with 2 lipsticks from Kat Von D. 😅 They were too unique to pass.
I also received my Morphe 35W eyeshadow palette the day before!

So many new makeup to add to my collection. 💕

Okay, let's talk about SLEEK first.
This palette costs $14.99 Usd?

Very decent packaging, sturdy and the amount of product is quite substantial too.

Compared to the highly raved Solstice palette, this Precious Metal one is more warm toned and actually much more wearable for your usual day-to-day look in my opinion.
& here's the swatch.

I would probably use all 3 shades on the left except for the darkest one.

I haven't tried it on my face yet so I can't tell if it's really as awesome a product as everyone says it is.

It isn't as pigmented as I thought it would be with just 1 swipe, but it's very build-able though.
Next is a blush in "Rose Gold".

And I got it because it seriously looks like Nars Orgasm to me. & it was only selling $6.99 usd, no harm trying!
& here's a swatch of it.

It's really pigmented! I used on my cheeks today for work and I made sure I applied it very light handed-ly. And I love it!! It gives a really healthy glow & pinched-look to the cheeks. 💕

Actually I think I may have this blush in my collection..... Cause I own a blush palette from sleek.. But I've never gotten around to using it. Shit. I shall go home and check that blush palette out.
Next is the Kat Von D studded kiss lipsticks.

L - Gothica
R - Magick
They both have tiny glitters in them which is why I was drawn to it.

Cause with the amount of lipsticks I have at home, I think I pretty much own every color I would ever need or will wear.

But a lipstick with such glitter in them is something that I don't have!

So I bought it.. Hehe

It cost $31 per stick! If I'm not wrong.
Gothica when worn.

It's a brown tone lipcolor with specks of gold glitter in it and it doesn't look over the top at all when worn.

I'm loving this 💯
This was taken via snapchat.

Copper is the only word I can describe the color. It's not super pigment, but can be layered very well. So I got this effect with 2-3 layers? And it isn't drying at all.

I'll definitely buy this again once I've used it up.

Super unique color!
A video of the lip color.

And for the next color, which also supposedly contains glitter - Magick.

It isn't as glittery as the swatches that I saw online. Not sure if it was the lipstick that I got or what..
Magick on my lips.

If you look REALLY closely, you'll be able to make out a few glitters on my lower lip. 

It is a dusty pink shade that goes on matte and is very opaque. Much more pigmented than Gothica for sure.

This color is surely one that I'll wear very often, similar to what I wore in my previous entry? 

But this gives a high shine look to the lips, it really special though. Cause the color is almost matte but it has shimmering glitters that peeks through and appears whenever it catches the light.


Definitely makes me want to try out more lipstick from the Kat Von D range.


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