Just feel like typing..

Hello there,

It has been awhile since I last wrote my thoughts here. I don't know why but I've just been too caught up with dayre (www.dayre.me/lianmeiting) and it just feels easier to write my immediate thoughts and ramblings over there instead. Ahh, the thing about social media, too many of them to keep up with!

Twitter - used to be all the rage but now is dead (omg it rhymes).
Instagram - still going on really strong but everyone (including me) just stopped being spontaneous and so much goes on before posting 1 picture.
Blog - the blogging world is filled with advertorials now. I'm guilty of it as well and I can't remember how long it has been since I wrote a proper post here like I used to.
Snapchat - I'm not fully committed to it because sometimes I like taking a break from social media and so I only post things like once every 2-3 days there.

So here I am, back and it just feels so weird to be putting my thoughts into words without having any pictures. I guess I just got used to putting up quality posts (lengthy ones with tons of pictures) here instead of ones with just my voice.

Now now.. where do I begin.

Where did I even left off?

my last proper blog post here was my Maldives trip. Woah, that was pretty long ago. I'm currently planning a series of blog entries on my recent Japan trip. There are soooo many pictures so do bear with me for awhile before I post it all here :)

I guess I will just update you guys on my life right now, since it has been awhile since we had something heart-to-heart.

I'm currently working full time at the same company for the past 2 years and when I knock off after work, I will either be attending events or going for yoga or my weekly pole dancing class. & that is on top of meeting my different group of girlfriends and weekends are always for SX. So you can tell how packed my schedule is & that's why I haven't had time to blog "quality" posts here because editing pics and all that just takes up too much time so I'm always writing on my dayre instead. But I'm going to try to fix things around here (been saying it for the longest time), to just f*cked it with the quality posts and just write my thoughts here whenever I have verbal vomit. Ok?

Wedding planning

So as you know, SX proposed to me last year around august and we are planning to get married in 2016. How far along are we with the wedding planning?

Almost zero.

We only just gave our "八字" to the master and will for our appointment before I find out our wedding date. So before that is done, I couldn't really start looking around for hotels, can I? I know both SX and I wants to get married in the later part of 2016, we are looking at the months of September to November. So let's hope that there is a weekend in there that is auspicious for us. I'm not really super superstitious but my fiance is pretty much of a believer.

I have a few hotels picked out and my top choice for now is The Fullerton. I do not want the huge ballroom at the basement but rather the one on the higher floors. But I'm not sure if it is big enough to fit like 18 tables? I attended a wedding lunch there once and it was so pretty, ceiling to floor glass windows and it was all white and best of all, my favorite - high ceiling!

Oh yah, speaking of that.. I made a head start on the wedding guest list!!
So proud of myself lah. I spent like 1 hour plus trying to list family members from the Lian (dad) & Chin (mom) family and my close group of friends + tentative friends that I will invite. I even help list down SX's friends and so far we have around.. 150 guests? I went online and did some research and it seems like most hotels need a minimum of 18 tables.. hmm.. so we will see how.

I didn't put down many friends on my list because I didn't want our wedding to be a big show or anything like that. I only want friends who are truly happy for us to be there. So, I will not be inviting any primary school or secondary school friends that I'm not really in contact. I also am not inviting any colleagues or my bosses. I just want an intimate wedding!

So... besides hotel, guest list, and wedding date... the other important big items to settle is pre-wedding shoot and bridal gown package. I'm pretty interested in Zwedding and Digio but seems like quite a few friends of mine have used Digio so maybe I'll go with Zwedding. Some other on my list that I'm considering is French Wedding as well. But I think most important of all, I gotta head down and try out the dress and feel which one is THE ONE. Haha.

As for our pre-wedding shoot, we are planning to have it in Japan and are in talks with a wedding photography company in Osaka, we even met them on my recent Japan trip and are still in discussion on the collaboration. If it doesn't happen, I will still go ahead with Japan for my pre-wedding shoot lah, it just happened that they contacted me so if can save some $$ on this also good!!

Okay, this post is getting pretty lengthy.

I will be back soon with more personal posts ok. Thank you for bearing with my advertorial-filled blog, I am trying to find a balance and hopefully I can stick to it!


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  2. Hey Audree,

    Thanks for sharing. But I really want to be able to try the gowns on first before I commit to a bridal studio. Anyway, how do you know when there are wedding road shows?

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