Every drop counts - Water Conservation

Growing up in Singapore, throughout our school years, we've all been taught to be water savvy. & that means to not waste water and at the same time learn to value and use it wisely.

Having fresh clean water is a luxury that all of us might have taken for granted because we are living in a first world country. But we all know that it is not the same for all countries across the world where clean water is sacred and not so readily available.

Water is essential for every living thing and here are some tips on conserving water that I would like to share with you guys. If you have more tips on saving water, do share them with me because I think it is highly beneficial.

Let's take tiny steps and start from our home:
1: Take shorter baths, definitely avoid the use of bathtubs if possible.
2: While soaping, remember to turn off the shower tap.
3: Use a mug & fill it with water when brushing teeth instead of letting the tap run.

4: If you have dual flush flushing cistern, use half flush for liquid waste.

5: For men, when shaving, turn off the tap instead of letting the water run.
6: When home or at work, use the same drinking glass for the entire day instead of getting a new glass each time.
7: Use the washing machine only when the load is full.
8: Use the rinse water from washing machine to mop the floor or flush the toilet. (You can also do the same for rice water!)
9: Wash your fruits & vegetables in a sink/container filled with water.
10: Thaw food overnight inside refrigerator instead of running it under the tap.
(image source: www.pub.gov.sg)

Do check out this very heart-warming and meaningful video.
It has been awhile since I last saw a commercial that touched me this way :')
I will definitely be valuing water and adopting the above water saving habits (I think I'm already doing 80% of most on the list) because water is a precious resource and let's all use it wisely!
It is the simplest things in life that we sometimes take for granted.
For more details, please visit www.pub.gov.sg/conserve!
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