Having soft, smooth & radiant skin was something we took for granted when we were younger. As we age, our moisture level tends to decrease leading us to tighter & drier skin. I used to think that because I was in a tropical climate & I didn't sleep in air conditioned room when I was younger, I didn't have to care about moisturizing my body daily as I was just simply lazy. But when I started my previous job as a flight attendant & I was 24/7 in places with air conditioning, my skin started to pay the price.
I was in the aircraft up in higher atmosphere for more than 10 hours at a go and this happened day in & out till my skin surrendered. Even when I was in hotels or shopping malls, air conditions are everywhere. I then started experiencing itchy patches around my waist, arms and legs and I would scratch it like crazy. It was so dry that I could even see tiny scales starting to form. That was when I got a shock of my life & decided to start moisturizing my body.
Having healthy looking skin is crucial to me & I always emphasize on the importance to keep it in its best condition. Having a face full of makeup and wearing the prettiest dress wouldn't be complete if your skin is dull and your arms + legs look dry.

& as most of you know, as a blogger, I'll have to take OOTDs for advertorials and sometimes even u p-close pictures of my back (for that bare back dress), arms (for that bracelet) and legs (for those shoes) & it would be really unsightly if my skin was flaky right?
& one pet peeve I have is when the skin around my knees and elbows get super dried out. Not only does it feels rough, it looks darker in appearance too & that, I really cannot tolerate. I'll exfoliate and moisturize it like crazy because nothing feels sexier than being able to glide my fingers through my skin & feeling its suppleness.

I'm lucky to be able to try out JERGENS latest range of moisturizers.
I'm no stranger to this brand because I've seen it almost everywhere I go, be it in Asia or the states where JERGENS is the best selling body lotion brand in USA. So when I was told about this opportunity to experience JERGENS, I agreed eagerly.
JERGENS recently launched an improved range of body moisturizer that goes beyond moisturizing, giving you luminous skin all day with the breakthrough Hydralucence blend.
The Hydralucence blend formula provides long lasting hydration, continuous smoothness and long lasting luminosity - I was able to achieve gorgeous glowing skin on top of keeping it moisturized. My skin used to look dull, sometimes even greyish and I felt like I looked older than I should be and now my skin exudes radiance, is visibly healthier and I can't be any happier.
So, let's keep time on your side with these babies that will maintain beautiful & age-defying skin, catering to different skin types with the 3 variants.

Daily Moisture
Silk proteins & citrus extracts from this range will soothe and repair any dry + rough skin. Improved texture and visibly smoother skin is what you can expect after using this even for the first time.

Ultra Healing
Sealed with the goodness of Vitamin C, E & B5, this moisturizer repairs & nourishes extra dry skin for a visibly healthier appearance.

Soothing Aloe
Infused with pure, natural extracts, this moisturizer contains cucumber extract as well as pure aloe vera that revives & refreshes dry skin.

Couldn't decide which variant I liked best because they all have their very own outstanding qualities that I need! I would definitely be using Ultra Healing if I was still flying and my skin was super dry but thank god it has improved. So nowadays I'm alternating between using Soothing Aloe and Daily Moisture.

I usually only apply it after I bathe at night and all ready to jump into bed. If I'm hardworking or not rushing for time in the morning. I'll apply a quick layer over my legs and arms before I go to work. Don't be lazy girls, because if you can spend 10 minutes applying skincare and makeup for your FACE, you should also be paying a little more attention to your body as well.
Don't you want to have luminous & hydrated skin all day?

 4 pumps are all I need for both of my legs.
& I really appreciate the design of the pump bottle. No need to stick my fingers into the tub of moisturizer or use much strength to squeeze out the lotion.

The texture of the moisturizer is really lightweight and it gets absorbed by my skin really fast. I like how it doesn't leave a sticky or wet feeling on my skin after application and that means I can get dressed or lie in bed without feeling uncomfortable.
It also has a very faint scent to it and I think that's great because I really dislike moisturizers that have really overpowering fragrance.
The JERGENS moisturizer is non-greasy I really love the texture because as I've mentioned before, it leaves me feeling hydrated and refreshed without the stickiness after-feel.

The new range of JERGENS will be  retailing at S$8.90 each for 400ml and you can find them at leading supermarkets, western pharmacies and personal care stores.
In my opinion, it is super value for money!
Below S$10 for such a substantial amount of product.
Thank you JERGENS for providing me with long-lasting luminosity and continuous hydration for my skin all day. It looks and feels so much healthier and I can't leave my house without slathering JERGENS all over my arms and legs.
Click here for more details on new Jergens products:

You can also redeem samples of JERGENS products at:


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