Tokyo Sushi Japan x Oishi Japan 2014

I'm a huge fan of Japanese cuisine. Whenever SX or my friends asks me for dinner ideas, I'll usually suggest having Japanese food for dinner. It never disappoints me. I swear I can have it 24/7!
So when my dear friend, Esther, invited me down to Tokyo Sushi Academy, to learn how to make sushi, I jumped at the chance! I've always wanted to learn how to make sushi but I just felt it was too difficult and I gave up the idea but I was wrong, I was able to make a pretty decent maki in less than 2 hours!
Esther also invited Tricia down to Tokyo Sushi Academy, and yes, put 2 of us together, the class was pretty hilarious.

So we joined the class of Temasek Polytechnic students for a half day special training session as they will be involved in this year's Oishii Japan 2014 expo held at Suntec Expo Singapore (more on that later).

Here's chef Fujisaki teaching us how to prepare the rice, which is like the most important step of making sushi? It seems to take the longest time too and yes, you have to actually fan the rice to cool it down to body temperature.

 Tricia and I trying our hands on making the most basic type of sushi!

Us trying to blend in with the hardworking students.

But still, we will definitely have time for a selfie before the teacher moved on to demonstrating the next kind of sushi.

Adding fish flakes onto the rice to "color" it.

Ingredients: cheese sticks and boiled spinach.

We were then taught how to make Kazari Maki, which means art or decorative sushi!
Can you tell what we are making?
Serious at work but it was really fun lah!!

Haha, Chef Fujisaki standing on the chair to make sure all his students got what he was saying and were making the sushi correctly.

YAY, part 1 of the Kazari Maki done.
Pretty obvious what we are making right? A flower!

Chef Fujisaki demonstrating how to roll the "flower sushi" into a huge maki.
I needed some help.. hahaha and I was like calling "SENSEI SENSEI!".. so he came over personally to guide me. #NeedyStudent

Very proud of my work even though it is far from perfect. HAHA.
The last step which is the "make it or break it" part is to SLICE IT UP.
& Japanese rice is sooooo sticky, I have to wipe down the knife every time I slice a portion.

It is not that easy okay!! Need skill one man. You got to have a firm hand but not pressing it down too hard else the sushi roll will just go out of shape.
Posing with my sweat and blood. HAHA.
Okay, dramatic much. But I was so happy I did it!

Can you believe in less than 2 hours, I was able to make all these!
The cucumber sushi was the first one I made and as you can tell, my rolling skill wasn't that good at that time because it is quite "loose"?
The crabmeat sushi was the 2nd one I did and I think I did pretty okay there!
And the final sushi was the huge flower one!!
Super cute please.....
I feel happy just looking at it.

& this is... not mine.
Haha, this plate of sushi is done by Chef Fujisaki, our Sensei!
He even carved out those leaves to decorate the plate of sushi.

 MasterChef, Bloggers Edition. HAHA.
Chef Fujisaki is pretty funny during the class even though English isn't his first language, you'll definitely be able to understand what he was teaching. He is really detailed (well, I guess most Japanese are) and makes sure you get the important points down.

One picture with Esther before we left.
Thanks once again for thinking of me because you know I'm such a sushi fan! I really enjoyed myself during the class and I actually really want to learn how to make sushi lah! Next time can be the perfect housewife right? Imagine your husband come home, and you prepared an array of sushi for him.. confirm that weekend he bring you go shopping. HAHA.
If you are keen to find out more, like the price of the courses and all, feel free to contact them!
Address: 133 New Bridge Road
Singapore 059413
TEL: +65 6444 – 7828
So, remember earlier on I was saying that the class of Temasek Polytechnic students were learning how to make sushi because they were involved in Oishii Japan 2014?
 This is the 3rd year Oishii Japan is happening in Singapore. & this time it is held at Suntec Expo from 16 to 18 October!
Oishii Japan is the largest dedicated Japanese F&B showcase.
& it is launched to showcase the beauty and versatility of Japanese produce that can be incorporated into many types of cuisines.
By celebrating the intricacies of Japanese cuisine, Oishii Japan aims to promote the rich heritage, culture and wide array of agricultural produce that Japan has to offer.
The show caters to F&B professionals, chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers, importers and distributors, retailers as well as new business owners and investors in the food business.
(visit the website to check out the programmes happening on the 18th Oct - sushi demonstration by Chef Yujisaki)
So the class of Temasek Polytechnic student's experience in sushi making will come in handy as they will be assisting Chef Fujisaki during his demonstration sessions during Oishii Japan Expo.
The students will also be manning a counter at J-Food Street on 18th Oct where they will show their newly acquired sushi making skills and will be distributing the sushis for sampling!
J-Food Street will be located at Hall 404 of Suntec Expo and it is open to public. There is also no  admission charges needed and anyone can buy Japanese small bites and beverages there!


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