Sensodyne #TrueWhiteStyle

If you were given a choice, would you choose a toothpaste that has whitening properties or one that has sensitivity relieving properties? 

I'm a huge vain pot so I know I'll definitely pick the one that gives me whiter teeth!
A nice smile is really important to mnee because well, people usually say I look super fierce if I were to not smile (HAHA). So when they say, a little smile goes a long way, THEY ARE NOT LYING!

When I was having my interview to be a flight attendant at Singapore Airlines a few years back, one of the interviewers even pulled me aside to tell me to "smile more, if not you look very serious.". & I kept her advice in mind and I passed the remaining 2 interviews by throwing in tons of sincere smiles. 

However, for individuals who have sensitive teeth, I think you'll most likely to pick the toothpaste that has relieves sensitivity right? My mom has been using sensitivity relieving toothpaste for the longest time because her teeth aches every time she eats something cold! 

& my bathroom has like 2 different tubes of toothpaste on the sink because of our different needs.

But then, I received this parcel from Sensodyne last week
(which is the toothpaste brand my mom uses because her dentist told her it will help her the most)

& it is their new TRUE WHITE toothpaste!

& it contains BOTH whitening AND sensitivity relieving properties!



I was super glad to hear that & I told my mom that she can try using this toothpaste instead because it is like an UPGRADED version of the one she is currently using.

Sensodyne toothpaste has been clinically proven to relieve sensitive teeth and I bet all of you know that right? It really is what most dentists recommend when you tell them you have concerns with sensitive teeth.

Just that now, its BETTER because the TRUE WHITE toothpaste whitens at the same tjme!

The toothbrush has a double head, one side is the normal bristles which is SO SOFT yet FIRM at the same time - the outer extra soft tapered bristles are specially designed to clean in hard to reach areas in a gentle way!

And the other side is the rubbery side is the tongue cleaner to aid in removing bacteria on your tongue surface. Do you know that even though you brush your teeth really well and clean, a large amount of bacteria is still present in your mouth if you do not clean your tongue properly? So remember to always scrap your tongue with a tongue cleaner!! 

I can NEVER go a day without using a tongue cleaner, but sometimes I'll forget to pack it into my travel bag when I'm on a holiday and I just feel so unhygienic the entire day. So I'm really loving the fact that this toothpaste has the tongue cleaner on the flip side of the bristles.

So I've been using the TRUE WHITE toothpaste & toothbrush as a pair & they work wonderfully well together.

My everyday routine..
squeeze a generous amount (this is just my habit, I like to use A LOT of toothpaste) on the toothbrush..

& brush away!!

I really like the minty flavor it has because it is THE BEST at removing any trace of morning breath I have. HAHA, too much info? Oops.

But come on, don't act okay, everyone has morning breath.

& do you know that the Sensodyne TRUE WHITE is really gentle on your teeth and gums even though it has whitening properties? 

It is 10 TIMES LESS abrasive than many everyday other whitening toothpaste!
(While most whitening toothpastes have a Relative Dentine Abrasion (RBA) index above 150, Sensodyne True White has an RDA of just 13!!!)

So you don't have to worry that you are stripping off the top layer of your enamel like other whitening toothpaste that gives you whiter teeth but they are actually "thinning" you teeth slowly. In other words, brushing your teeth with Sensodyne True White is as gentle as brushing with water!

I'll definitely give my nod of approval to the Sensodyne TRUE WHITE toothpaste & toothbrush which I've been really enjoying using daily.

You can also hop over to their website - to join Sensodyne in the search for the ultimate #TrueWhiteStyle! 

If you want to check out the behind the scene actions of the #TrueWhiteStyle campaign, featuring Andrea & Rach, visit the website!

You can follow - Sensodyne SG - on Facebook as well as - @SensodyneSG - on Instagram too.

Are you keen on getting the Sensodyne True White toothpaste & toothbrush yet?

Well, I don't think I need to tell you where you can find them right?

All leading supermarkets, pharmacies and even those "mama shops" will mostly carry it!

So, embrace your smile people!
It really is the most attractive thing on your body.


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