Dr.Jart+ Giveaway


A little background about this brand is that, did you know Dr.Jart+ launched its 1st BB cream in 2004 and has been the leading the BB cream trend in South Korea for the past 10 years?

& even though CC cream has been seen everywhere now, it actually does not have as much coverage as BB creams and that's why Dr.Jart+ came up with this new BB cream!

The BB Bounce Beauty Balm.
(Functional brightening/anti-wrinkle/UV protection product SPF30/PA++) 

This new unique concept of the bouncing formula gives you the feel of elasticity with your fingertips. 
They call it the 2nd generation of BB cream!

It isn't your typical liquid-y of BB cream that you imagine.
The texture of the product is thicker but yet not sticky (my worst fear).

The puff that comes with it isn't the usual cushion puff too! I don't know how to explain the feel but it is made to compliment the product and when I use it to apply the BB balm, it just goes onto my skin perfectly.

The coverage is more than enough for me because my only concerns are uneven skin tone. 
My skin also feels moisturized and there were no flaking or creases at all.

I wore it out for an entire day 2 Saturdays ago.. 

By the time I took these pictures, I've had my makeup on for more than 6 hours.

My skin just looks so naturally good. I was still worried that the Bouncing BB would oxidize after a long day and my face will start looking oily/shiny.

But none of this happened.

I really like it!!

The only "con " is that application may take slightly longer time than my usual powder routine. You'll need to spend maybe 2 minutes patting the bouncy BB over the face evenly and then setting the T-zone lightly with loose powder. 

But I still love it because I love the natural flawless dewy skin look I can achieve with this bouncy BB.


In collaboration with Dr.Jart+, I'm giving away 3 Bouncy Beauty Balms to my readers / followers!

Steps to win:
- Follow me on instagram (@lianmeiting)
- Like the picture
- Comment "I want to win because...."

Increase your chances to win!
- Repost the picture on your instagram
 - Caption it "Join the @lianmeiting x Dr.Jart+ giveaway!"
- & hashtag #LMTgiveaway

*Giveaway is opened locally only*
*Winners will be announced on 18th Apr 14*
*Winners announcement will be on instagram & blog*

email me at: meitinglian@gmail.com to claim your prize!

DIS-A-PORE Beauty Balm
(Functional brightening/anti-wrinkle/UV protection product SPF30/PA++) 

"Highly functional Derma Pore BB to simply solve complex pore trouble by covering pores with only BB cream without applying a pore essence and primer. 

Revolutionary pore tightening formula fundamentally manages from the inside of pores to provide a pore tightening effect. It also perfectly covers pores clearly and smoothly without getting oily, so it makes skin look clean."

Radiance Beauty Balm
(Functional brightening/anti-wrinkle/UV protection product SPF30/PA++)

"A new concept of transformer BB with brightening vitamin capsules and white color pigment capsules to change beige tone to bright white/pink tone naturally by bursting capsules on the skin with features of BB and CC. 

The brightening effect of highly concentrated vitamin ingredients in vitamin capsules makes dull skin tones luxurious."

My other favorite item!!
This Radiance BB is very watery in texture and a tiny amount of it is enough for my entire face! The coverage is lesser than the Bouncy BB but it is definitely enough for me so I would use this sometimes too! I love how my face glows when I use this product.

From now till 23rd April, go down to all GUARDIAN to purchase Dr.Jart+ BB as they are having discounts!!

Bounce BB - Original price at S$47, NOW at S$34.90
Radiance BB - Original price at S$47, NOW at S$37.60
Dis A Pore BB - Original price at S$44, NOW at S$35.20



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