Toshiba FlashAir

Hello all!

I believe many of you have heard of cameras with built-in wifi which enables you to snap a picture with your camera and then instantly send it over to your mobile devices like your handphone or tablet?

This is a brilliant idea because we do not have to succumb to using just the phone’s or tablet’s camera which gives lousier quality pictures as compared to those taken by an actual camera.


What if your camera does not come with built-in wifi?

Does that mean you got to throw away your old camera and get a new one with wifi technology?
Or what if the camera model you like does NOT comes with wifi technology?

OR what if you are super unlucky, like in my case, where I have a camera that comes with built-in wifi BUTTTTT it does not work with my phone. I don’t know why. FML. I tried using my boyfriend’s iPhone to sync with my camera and it works perfectly fine. I could send pictures directly from my camera to his iPhone but when I tried to do it to mine, it fails ALL THE TIME. I have no idea what is wrong but I’ve given up hope to fix it after numerous failed attempts.

So imagine my frustration when I own a camera with wifi technology but I am still posting lousier quality pictures on my Instagram if I want to update on the go. Otherwise, I have to go home, upload my pictures from my camera and then transfer it to my iPhone separately. SO TEDIOUS OKAY! And by the time I get home and upload the pictures, sometimes I lose the mood to post the pictures on Instagram/Facebook.

So, how now?

My world is going to change now that I have this!!

Toshiba FlashAir.

Okay, here’s me checking out the product.

Super excited because I’ve been wanting to buy an SD card with Wifi for the longest time because I want to be able to have clear and pretty pictures on my social media accounts too. 


This tiny card is my saviour~!

So the first step is to remove my old SD card and toss it one side (HAHAHA), and slot in my new Toshiba FlashAir SD card into my camera. Yes, that idiot camera that comes with built-in wifi but doesn’t want to sync to my phone.

After inserting the new Toshiba SD card into my camera, I turned on the camera and also went into my iPhone’s Wi-Fi page and connected to the [ flashair_b86b23.. ] network.

Next, just key in the default password given and then I was connected instantly!

The next instruction was to open up my web browser page and it will automatically launch this website [ http://flashair/ ]

& once you are in there, it is idiot-proof already. I tossed the instruction sheet aside because it is super user-friendly. Just click on the folder which all your pictures are saved under, and for my case is [ DCIM ].

Then, you can see all the pictures you’ve taken in small thumbnails and from there, you just got to select which picture you want to view and save!

So let’s say I think I look chio in this picture, HAHA, all I need to do is just click on the tiny thumbnail and this full view of the picture will be shown.

Then to save it into my phone, I just tap and hold on the picture and click the [ Save Image ] button.

& voila~! 

 Go to your phone’s camera album and it is saved right there. 
 Everything was done so fast & efficiently. 

 Like less than 2 mins? Actually only less than 1 minute but I took awhile to decide which picture looked better. Oops.

I’ve got nothing but many thumbs up for this smart innovation. 

 Fact 1: Do you know that Toshiba is actually the company who invented Flash memory?

 Fact 2: Toshiba set up the SD Association with other partners that develops and publishes technical standards for SD technology, which means…. That ALL their products go through a stringent process that makes sure they pass the SD Association’s SD technology test.

 Expect nothing but the best, and only the best from Toshiba.

Because right now, you will see nothing but super high quality pictures on my Instagram, Facebook and my Dayre(Mobile blog)! 


 I no longer have to wait till I get home to upload nice pictures from my camera and send it all my friends on whatsapp because I can do it right on the spot and everyone can share the pictures on their social media account too! 


Why did I wait this long to get a SD card with wifi really?!? 

 Thank you, Toshiba for sending me this. 

 An excellent Xmas present for a vainpot! ☺

Want to stand a chance to win the Toshiba FlashAir? 

 Visit this webpage to join the contest right now! 

Contest ends on 28th Feb 2014! 

 Don’t miss it!! 

 Do view the video below to see what Toshiba FlashAir can do for you!


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