Staycation at Equarius Hotel

Will be back to update this post with words.

Am going to head out with the boyfriend for my lunch - slice fish soup.

Because I am so sick right now.

Like, my poor stomach is badly wounded. 

My doctor said if after 1 week's course of medicine, my stomach doesn't feel better, I'll have to go for scope to see if there is anything more serious.. like stomach ulcers.


So I'm back from lunch and while I'm waiting for the shower to get hot I am going to fill in the details for this entry real quick!

So this entry would be on SX's bday staycation which I've planned for him at Sentosa's Equarius hotel.

But because we could only check in at 2pm, I decided that we should go to Adventure Cove at 9 or 10am, can't remember and by the time we are done, it would be time to check in to our hotel. 

And my plan was super brilliant because everything was in place and we did not waste any time waiting for this or that.


My camera isn't the waterproof or underwater type so there isn't any pictures of us while we were playing the different stations at Adventure Cove.

And because our hotel was located just next to Adventure Cove, there was a side gate (short cut) for us to access to our hotel. 

Cool shit.

Where we would be spending the night.

I booked the most basic room for us through Agoda but when we checked in the lady upgraded us!

I don't know why she did that but I was super happy lah!

When we were walking along the room corridors and spotted our room number, I went "OMG SX OUR ROOM HAS DOUBLE DOORS!!" 

Which meant that it is a mega huge room.

What greeted us when we took a step in.

The living room.

The bed room.

Overview of the bedroom.

View from the balcony.

Huge ass bathroom.

Bought this rose bubble bath thingy from Lush.

& we soaked in pink bubbled water.

After the bubble bath and a nap, we got dressed up and went for dinner at Vivo City!

While waiting for the shutter bus to pick us up from the hotel lobby, we took some pictures..

Felt like a tourist when we took the shutter bus.

Dinner was at Madam Kwan because the restaurant I wanted to try was full house and we had to wait for 1 hr plus. NO WAY.

Back to the hotel to watch some telly and drink some wine.

I wrote an email to the hotel that it was SX's bday so they gave us a cake on the house.


We decided to bring our drinks outdoors to enjoy the night view.

TV in bed till the next morning.

Don't wanna get up.

Too comfy already!!!!

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  1. Awesome! I know that this was for a special occasion, but do you think staycations are worth it? Am thinking of doing a few this year as holidays already mostly used up for a big trip...