Browhaus - Brow Ressurection

Everyone knows how important eyebrows are to me.
If I were to ever leave my house without having properly drawn eyebrows, it would only be to head down to the coffee shop to have a quick meal or the supermarket to run some errands.

I personally feel that a set of properly drawn eyebrows really shapes your face and balance out your features.
It can make you look younger, fresher and flatter your face shape.

That is if you have a set of PROPERLY SHAPED eyebrows.

I really cannot stand it when people have eyebrows that are tooooooo thin and of the same width from start till the end. I always believe that eyebrows should be thicker at the start and thinner at the ends. I don’t know why but I think that is the way it should look like. So to those of you who are victims of bad eyebrows: born with sparse eyebrows or shaped too thin or eyebrows are too short, please continue reading to see how you can change the way your eyebrows look.

& where else did I go to have my eyebrows done?
None other than Browhaus:
The 1st and only concept Brow salon in Singapore to specialize in brows & lash grooming.

I went to the outlet at Wheelock, Orchard.

Saw this poster before heading in.. and I decided that I would want to try out the NATURAL brow resurrection as this was my first time doing eyebrow coloring/shaping.

So just to be safe, Natural it shall be!

The interior of the place is really cool and clean.

Check out the amount of people on a weekday evening.

Waiting for my turn & as you can see, this was my eyebrows which I’ve shaped by myself for years and I colored it using eyebrow powder.

The problem with eyebrow powder is that, it doesn’t give a very define shape. As you can see from the image above, my eyebrows looks like a blur of brown.

& this is how my original eyebrows look like, after removing the makeup.
Lucky me was born with rather full eyebrows so all I needed to do was to get the right shape for them and fill in the colors to match my hair.

So time to get started!!

Each customer will be lying comfortably in their own “cubicle” with their eyebrow specialist.

Here I am, getting all cozy and relaxed for my eyebrow resurrection!

My eyebrow specialist that day was: Wayne! & she was removing my eyebrow makeup once more.

& then she started by reshaping my eyebrows, trimming the eyebrow hair which were too long and out of shape.

2nd step would be to draw on the shape of eyebrow that I want using a pencil..


Hahaha, the problem lies with me because I am a perfectionist when it comes to my eyebrows. So I had to make sure that both sides are as equal as possible. I know it is pretty tough to get identical eyebrows but I was aiming for that and.. Wayne was really patient with me and kept redrawing/reshaping the eyebrows till I was satisfied.

The thick Korean eyebrow look is really hot right now and I for one am loving how it makes one look younger and more “innocent/friendly”, so I got Wayne to give me just that.

So the above image is how my eyebrows look like after reshaping and drawing. 

Took a full face picture from a further view so I could see clearer on how the eyebrows looks like on my face overall.

& I was pleased with it so we continued to the FINAL step. 


Which was to start inking the eyebrows. 

& know what’s the cool part?

I got to customize my own eyebrow color!!!
Initially, I thought I only got to choose from black/brown/grey but Wayne told me I can actually decide if I want to be darker brown or lighter brown just by telling her and she will add more of the ink to get the exact shade I want for my eyebrows!


It didn’t hurt one bit because numbing cream was applied to both my brows before they starting inking.

Unlike traditional eyebrow tattoo or eyebrow embroidery where they just color/fill your entire eyebrow with black/brown/grey ink, Browhaus’s brow resurrection does it differently.

The brown ink was embedded into my skin stroke by stroke to mimic the way real eyebrows look. This way, the end result would not have you looking too fierce with 2 very strong set of eyebrows that doesn’t fit nicely on your face.

The whole treatment including consultation ended within 1.5 hour!



You see, you see!!

If no one told me that the above eyebrow was “inked”, I would have just thought it was a pair of really neatly drawn eyebrows.

& I have no one to thank but Wayne from Browhaus for being so good at what she does.
(side track abit: Do you know each browhaus eyebrow specialist have to go for training and perform at least 200 times of eyebrow resurrection sessions before they can start working on customers)

So I was really confident about my eyebrow results after hearing that.

There was no down time needed. I just have to take care of my brows while they heal.
I was free to go and do whatever I wanted after my session 

& at the end of everything, I was presented with this little Browhaus camera kit..

It is actually the aftercare kit.

Which consists of this FIX balm.. 

For me to apply before and after showering to protect my eyebrows.
It also helps to minimize scarring.

& this BUILD essence to speed up the healing process.

& this is new SCO miracle wrinkle filler for your eyes.
This serum is very lightweight and helps to fill in wrinkles and fine lines with just one application!

& this was my eyebrows after 1 or 2 days.
You can see the “strokes” getting darker as scabs are forming over the area.
My eyebrows look slightly shiny/oily because of the balm that I’ve applied.

This was probably on the 4th day.. I really like it!
Color was perfect at this stage but sadly, it will fade after the scabs goes off because the color that I asked Wayne to do for me was quite light as I was afraid of having too dark eyebrows. But it’s okay, now I know we can go a little darker the next session!

& this was after 1.5 to 2 weeks!
The color is much lighter compared to the picture taken on my 4th day but it still looks fine if I’m wearing light makeup. It looks really good when I’m bare face too. But if I were to have darker eye color or bolder lipstick on then I’ll have to draw my eyebrows darker.

All in all, I’m really blown away by this new technique of coloring & reshaping your eyebrows.

Browhaus’s Brow Resurrection has changed my mind on eyebrow reconstruction.

Because before this, I’ve actually had other beauty salons offering me sponsored eyebrow embroidery services but I was skeptical about it as I didn’t want to have eyebrows that looked too fake. & as I’ve mentioned 1890348201 times, eyebrows are really important to me so I decided to reject the sponsors as I do not want to risk it.

But what made me change my mind and try out Browhaus’s Brow Resurrection were other blogger’s reviews. I saw how their eyebrows look nothing like the traditionally thick/dark fake looking eyebrows and it was really natural and didn’t even look like it has been inked before.

So, a big thank you to Browhaus for helping me save time in the morning when I prepare to go for work because I can now skip the step of drawing my brows!

Yay, to beautiful & natural eyebrows!!

Remember girls, a pair of great eyebrows really makes a huge difference.


& now it’s time for a special promotion for my readers!!

Quote ‘Lian Meiting' to redeem $10 brow threading (U.P. $17) and receive a complimentary Brow Design session.
Valid for all customers till 13th November 2013 only.

Prices are inclusive of GST.

Only available at the following outlets:
 100 AM, The Cathay, Dempsey, Great World City, Holland Village, Mandarin Gallery, Raffles City Basement, Raffles City Street Level only.

Call their call centre at 6471 2769 (BROW) to make an appointment now!

For more details, check them out at their website and social media sites below:

• Facebook: Browhaus
• Instagram: @BrowhausSG
• Instagram hashtag: #browresurrection
• Browhaus Call Centre: 6471 2769 (BROW)


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