Eyebrow Tutorial.

Happy Sunday, guys!

Quite a couple of you have requested for this..

on how I draw my eyebrows daily.

I've stopped using eyebrow pencil for years. 
& once I tried using eyebrow shadows, I never looked back.

However, if you have very little eyebrow hair, then perhaps you would need to use eyebrow pencil + eyebrow shadows to create this look. Because the eyebrow shadow is more of like a "filling in" step. If you don't have the correct eyebrow shape, then you may need to use eyebrow pencil to draw the desired shape first, before "filling it in" with eyebrow shadows.

I hope you get what I mean. 

Okay, here's the video!!

Remember to watch in "HD Quality".

I know both my eyebrows are slightly different in shape. But its almost impossible to get them both to be the same.


Will be back.

Gonna head out for brunch now with boyfriend!

I love Sundays but I hate Mondays!!

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Best thing is, you guys don't need to create accounts to ask questions. ***

Ask away!


  1. hi meiting what lip products did u use here? relly pretty shade of pink. TIA!