Town againnnn

This post is about 2 months late!

Went to town shopping with Michelle as I needed to buy an anniversary gift for Shunxiong!! Actually both of us agreed to not exchange presents at all. Just like, go for a nice dinner and spend quality time together. BUT that sneaky boy went to buy me a pair of Chanel earrings..  ( read here ) .. so I decided it was only nice if I got him something in return!

We were hungry so we decided to get a little bite.

Back when I still had black hair.

We spotted this really cool uncle.
His bag is that little man with straps attached to it. ( Try to spot it in the picture )
& he was wearing this silver thing on his head all the time. 

We had 4 fingers!

After eating, I decided to head over Balenciaga at Hilton hotel.

But it was raining!!

Thank god I brought my umbrella out that day.

Romantic moment in the rain. 

After purchasing boyfriend's present, we headed over to Bedok 85 for dinner!

With Esther.


He didn't want to take pictures that day.

Dinner was a super sumptuous spread, as usual.
We then headed over to Coffee Club at Siglap to chill out for a bit.

With Janice & Michelle.

Bought this Balenciaga bracelet for boyfriend!
Cause he is always saying he wants to buy a bracelet to wear & act hiao but has yet to get one so I beat him to it!

My outfit that day.
A little too revealing to just wear it on its own so I had a cardigan over it when I'm out.

Don't know why I was giving the emo face.

Random ending.




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