Taiwan day 3!

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Okay here goes,

So on the 3rd day of Taiwan, we headed over to Xi Men Ding area. Because we've been told its like their "Orchard/bugis". But I was quite disappointed leh. I didn't even buy much there. I think I shopped the most at Shilin night market!!

Touristy picture taken when we just arrived.
Brother, birdie, me & shunxiong.

With birdie & my aunt!

Brother & birdie.

My love.

Thirsty baby.

I think birdie looks really pretty in this picture!
& we were both wearing super colorful that day.

Love my blue feather necklace!

This was taken when we were having ma la huo guo!
The spread the buffet has was super extensive lah. They give really good quality food item/beer/ice cream. Not like Singapore's steamboat buffet which gives quite nonsense food. I've never been a fan of those steamboat buffet because the food quality is damn bad.

Ate full already = time to take some picture.

After shopping around Xi men ding & having our ma la hotpot dinner, we headed back to Shilin night market. 

We go there every single night. Well, because our hotel is just directly opposite Shilin night market. DAMN GOOD LOCATION.

Back in the hotel, boyfriend & I with my new neon colored specs!

He looks like a little kid doesn't he?


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