Michelle x April bday @ Mink!

Greetings from Zurich! 
For those who have no idea where that is, its Switzerland. I'll be here for 3 days for work. Its day 2 and I didn't even step out of my hotel except to go the nearby supermarket to stock up on fruits,yoghurt and snacks. 

This is my 2nd visit to Zurich and I've pretty much know what there is to do here. Nothing much to shop in town but the sightseeing is amazing. & I went up to the Mount Titlis the last time round and went on a tour too! The only thing I've not visited and I really want to is to go to Rhine Falls. But no one on this trip wants to go there so, I shall just stay in.

Just 2 pictures from my previous trip to Zurich. 
7 months ago.

4 of us on the ski ride thingy. DAMN SCARY PLEASE.
Its actually quite high off the ground and all we have is just this metal bar across us. 
But look at the view behind us. ALL SNOW & MOUNTAIN.
Totally feel out of this world.

Okay, its called Ice Flyer. Haha.
My toes and fingers were almost frozen because I did not bring my boots along. 
We were surrounded by nothing but snow & more snow.


Now, pictures from Michelle & April's bday at Mink.

But before Mink, we had dinner at One Rochester.

Megan, May, Michelle, Me, Juan & Esther.

With the birthday girl.

Singing the birthday song.

What was she wishing for?
Prettier each year? Health? But whatever it is, may it all come true!

Pictures on Instagram.
Us in Megan's car before going to Mink.

I look naked.

Okay, Mink time!!

With April! The other birthday girl.
& also Sarah! My favorite colleague at my ex workplace.


Another cake session outside Mink.
With the magic candles that doesn't go out.

Happy birthday April!

Sue ann was there too!

May, Michelle & I.
Someone on my formpsring called us "3m". LOL.

On the podium.


Ooo, I wore purple contact lens. Or was it pink?

High on Martell & Champagne.

Girl, you do not bite your light sticks. If it breaks, you die from poisoning.

Smoking area time.

Happy times.

On the other podium.

Still biting the light sticks!

Random dude's specs.

Esther, ah, esther.

Okay, end of party pictures.

Bump into Belinda when we were leaving.
Always see her when I'm leaving the club. 
Nana & Mink! Haha!

Then we went to Fei fei wanton mee for supper!!

A super drunk esther & I waiting for our food.

Awww, so love? 


Everything taste damn awesome when you are intoxicated.

& this is what I saw in our whatsapp group chat the next morning....


Okay, blog again soon yes?!

I shall go continue my nua-ing in my hotel room.



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