Bringing my bangs back. (Salon Vim)

Have been missing my old look a lot. 
I used to have side-swept bangs all the time. But ever since I started my new job, I decided to grow out my bangs because I feel its easier for me to tie my hair during work. 

This is a picture that I put up on Instagram.
Left: no bangs. 
Right: side swept bangs.

& I really love how much younger I look with short fringe!

So I decided to go down to Salon Vim at 313 Somerset to look for Luis, my trusty hair stylist.

Outfit of the day!
White shirt - Zara. Shorts - H&M. Bow-tie necklace - Taiwan. & my various accessories.

See how messy my hair is? & not to mention how long my fringe is.

Sitted at Salon Vim ready to have my hair makeover.
Goodbye long fringe.

Luis started by trimming & shaping the rest of my hair first.

Cannot wait to cut my fringe!
I kept asking him to go shorter & shorter .. & shorter.

He was afraid it would be too short & it will be too hard for me to keep it neat during work.

So we finally settled for this length..


Juan was there with me too!
She loves how I look with this new look.

Immediately become more demure & younger.
What kind of sorcery is this?!

With Gary, the boss!

I'm really thankful for all that Salon Vim has done for me over the years. Okay, 2 years. But still! I really am. They have been nothing but generous and warm to me and my friends every time we visit. They don't ask you to do this and that just because they want to earn your money. They really analyze what your hair needs & what kind of style suits you. & that to me is real professionalism. Which is priceless.

Through these years, I've went from black straight hair to brown curls to different highlights with the help of Salon Vim! & each time I leave the salon, it is always with joy & not regrets. Don't you hate it when you go to a salon to get this look that you've pictured in your head and the end results comes out totally opposite & you look like crap?!?!

This NEVER happens to me. I always leave the salon feeling prettier!! Hehe.

So whenever my friends or colleagues ask me where do I go cut my hair or if I have any recommendation on where to cut hair, I'll always answer "Salon Vim" in a heartbeat.


& thanks to this man!

Camwhoring at 313's toilet after each haircut is a must.

This post is filled with nothing but pictures of me admiring my hair. So, don't say you haven't been warned.

See, back at home already still damn happy with my hair.

Oh, fringe, how I've missed you!

Useless camwhore pic 1.

Useless camwhore pic 2.

Did some shopping at Zara with Juan.

The maxi dress on the left is so colorful & pretty!

Owls + studded collars.
How to resist.

I shall wear this out tomorrow if I'm going town.

For those interested in getting hair services at Salon Vim, here's the details you'll need.
Mention my name "Meiting" & you'll get a 10% off for any hair services.

TEL: 68847757 / 68847767

♥ Till the next entry, **meiting.


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