Taiwan day 1 & 2!

Taiwan post finally up!

Oh & also a new blog banner! (I did it in 10 mins or less) Haha as you can tell, I've cut my hair. I got my hairstylist, Luis from Salon Vim, to give me a fresh new look. FRINGE!! YAY. More about my hair in another entry. 

Okay, back to Taiwan. Its been just a month ago but it feels likes a damn long time already. Sigh. I really miss going on holidays with my loved ones. I wanna go to Bangkok or Hongkong again this year. 

Birdie & I with our luggages before checking in at Terminal 3!

Our hotel room! 

Quite big!

Shortly after checking in to our hotel, which was right smack in the middle of Shilin night market. SUPER LOVE THE LOCATION, we headed out. NO TIME TO WASTE!

Its called Grandee hotel, by the way.

My auntie & uncle came with us too!

To the night market! We went around 5pm so all the stalls were just opening.

Shunxiong & my favorite!!

With birdie at the sheltered part of Shilin.

When nightfalls, the crowd starts pouring in.
EVERY NIGHT, it is this crowded.

Ended the 1st night with foot & shoulder massage!!

DAY 2!

After preparing, must take outfit photos.

With my dear brother :)

With birdie. She wore blue contacts that day. MAKES HER LOOK SO PRETTY

At our hotel lobby.

The first place we go everyday, the 7-11 next door!!
To get the yummy sandwiches and sausage muffin. AS YUMS AS MACDONALDS!

Taking their train.

We were going to Taipei 101!

Taken at another 7-11.

With the Taipei 101 building. 

We've gotten our tickets to go up to the highest level.

View of Taiwan.

With my aunt.

Our favorite dinner there.

Damn fatty but damn shiok please.

At another night market.
Squeezy to the max.

Boyfriend enjoying the taiwan sausage. 
Its really good and tasty. But most of it is fats so I think that's what makes it so yummy.

So glad we covered Taiwan this year.

Japan or London next?

Will continue the other parts of Taiwan in another post. Too many pictures already!

Leaving for Melbourne tomorrow evening. & when I'm back on Friday, we're going to party it out at MINK! I know for sure I will be super duper tired. Because I will land in Singapore at 9.45pm. By the time I reach home it will be about 10.30pm. Bathe + make up + choose outfit will take me 45 minutes, and that will be 11.15pm. I need to reach Mink before 12 midnight. I CAN DO IT!

& the next day, Saturday, I'm going into JB at 8.30am with my cousin & auntie. I'M SO GONNA DIE. Good luck to me!

I'm always packed with activities whenever I'm in Singapore! & I LOVE IT.

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