Picnic at Marina Barrage!

I know I've disappeared once again. For a week plus. Sigh. I don't know why but time seems to always fly by! Every time I return back to Singapore from work, I have about 2-3 days off. & those days are spent with my boyfriend, girlfriends & family! & by the end of the day, I'm usually left with 10% energy to spend on the computer. I NEED MORE TIME!

I think 34 hours in a day would suffice. 

But oh well, I'm doing my best I can to keep this blog updated. So to those who still visits this space here, I'm really thankful. :) Look, I'm not earning from my blog anymore cause I can't do advertorials & stuff so I'm really just blogging because I enjoy it and I know a handful of readers who are really sweet to me. So I hope you guys don't mind all these backdated entries yes?

Also, quite a few of you have been asking about my Cambridge Satchel bag. 

After a month's wait...

Here it is!!!!
I got the yellow in 13 inches & bird got the red in 11 inches.

I love it sooooo.
Its abit darker than the yellow in the above picture in real life. 
More like mustard yellow. LOVES.
I will probably do a separate blog entry on this bag soon. :)

So a few weeks back, we had a picnic at Marina barrage!!

I was all dolled up for that day because I know we will be taking tons of pictures and they are going to turn out pretty because of the natural sunlight.

Camwhore at home first!

This is me in a super comfy and cute dress from hungoversundays!

Speaking of hungoversundays, these 2 items below are from them too.

A crochet collar polka dot printed top. It is super easy to match with anything. A pair of jeans, denim shorts or even a cute flirty little skirt would look good. 

I love this pair of shades that they sent me!
Super trendy & lightweight. 
Best for days when I'm lazy to wear any makeup. I just smack it on my face and I look good. LOL.

Okay enough of my self-loving pictures n my room, my brother was shouting at me through my door to get my ass out.

In my brother's car on the way to Marina barrage. 


 & here we are!
We found a good spot to lay our mats. 
& then we started our picnic.
Check out the spread. ALL JUNK FOOD. 

Tuna mayo + egg mayo for the sandwich.
Handmade by birdie & me!

Some fried stuff we bought from OCK.

Peach, long gan & rambutan cocktail I made.

& more junk food.

Our nacho cheese dip!!
We added real bacon bits in it. OMG YUMZZZZZZ.

Birdie & my brother.

Me & shunxiong!

He makes me the happiest girl on earth. 
On other occasions, he pisses the shit outta me.

With my bestfriend since we were 10 years old.
& we are friends for 15 years.
Guess our age.
We are damn old already. :(

Nevermind, old is okay.
Just do a peace sign & act cute & everything is fine.

Our "relac one corner" area.
See how shiok my boyfriend is.
He is using my bag as his "pillow".

I decided to go disturb his peace.

A very pretty picture of bird. 


& this was taken by shunxiong.
He said he is a very good photographer because he captured MBS's 3 towers in the background.

Okay super long post.


I need to get my ass off my brother's bed & go pack my luggage already.
Flying off to PARIS tomorrow night.


I'm gonna visit the eiffel tower & do all the sight seeing again even though I've already been there.
Cause its sooooo pretty.

Picture taken half a year ago.


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