I can haz 12 days of peace!!

For the next 12 days... I'M GONNA BE SO FREEEEEE!!

To finally be able to kick back & relax like I haven't been doing for a long long time. I'm going to Taiwan on Friday for a week!!! OMG DAMN EXCITED. 

I can't believe its finally here la!

I have so much to do before I leave for Taiwan though. Have listed the "to-dos" in a list in my iPhone & I'm gonna start crossing them off latest by Wednesday!

So anyway, when I was in Paris few days back, I spent the 1st day staying in because I was so jet lagged and tired, I took sometime to snap better pictures of my CS bag!

& yes, that's what I do in my hotel room.
Watch sitcoms on my macbook pro & snack. & you can even spot my osim humidifier in the background. I have super super dry skin when I travel to cold countries so I really NEED to have my humidifier on like 24/7.

13 inches Cambridge Satchel in yellow. 

Close up at the stitching and all. 

& here's how it looks inside. 
Double compartment but the outer compartment can only fit like a tissue + a handphone?

& here's what I can fit in my bag.
My shades, a phone, my overseas pouch to keep my money, lipstick, lipbalm, tissue, my hello kitty mirror, my keys, a hand moisturizer and lastly, my face spray. BUT if I were to put my camera in, I have to remove a few other items.

The bag itself is quite narrow and also the leather of the bag is really tough so it is quite restrictive in terms of space? But I managed to squeeze in a bottle of water into my bag! So actually, if you wish, you can "expand"the bag by like stuffing more stuff in it despite it being really tight/squeezy.

Many people have been asking what size is the best to get.

For me, it would be 13 inches.

12 inches is too small to put much items. 
14 &15 inches seems a bit too big when you carry it & to match it with your everyday outfit.

Here's some looks that I've had with the bag.

Okay, just 2 because I've only used it twice? LOL.

I really love how the yellow makes my entire outfit seems more "fun".
Totally didn't regret getting yellow!!

These fluoro colors are tempting me too! I would love the pink or lime.
But I guess 1 is enough for now.

One last thing about my bag.  I bought it from the official Cambridge Satchel Company website. I don't know why but many many of you have asked about this too. I mean, I googled it and its like the 1st option that appeared on the search list? So anyhows here's the website: http://www.cambridgesatchel.co.uk/ . 

Both Bird's bag & mine took about a month or 1 + 2 days more to reach us. The website stated that it will take at approx 30 days and it did. & why I bought from the website is that, come on, this is the ORIGINAL company? I know there are other online websites that sells it too and delivers it over to your place with a shorter waiting period. But its all up to you! :)

 So here's pictures taken during a weekday when Juan, Michelle & I met up in town for lunch!

What I wore that day.

Lousy quality pictures taken with my phone.


We always have Sushi Tei for lunch/dinner when the 3 of us meet.
Happy times = girlie chit chats with lots of laughter.

& here's 2 pictures taken with my camera.



  1. Ahh! So jealous of your Taiwan trip! Have an amazing time and take lots of pictures for us!
    May I ask what camera that is you're using in the last photo? I'm trying to do some research into getting a new one, as well!

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