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As usual, after a few months of leaving my hair alone, I made my way down to Salon Vim at 313 somerset to let my experienced hair stylist, Luis, manage my hair for me.

My hair was totally out of shape & it was so heavy + the ends were like dry.

I hated my hair for being so boring.
I don't even bother blow drying or curling or styling it at all.
Most of the time I just let it dry on its own and I have NO parting.

So I went to visit Luis & asked him to help tidy up my lifeless hair.

This is me with le boring hair.

After 40 minutes.
*snip snip

I was done.
But Luis told me he was going to give my hair a treatment.

This hair treatment is damn AWESOME.
Its a 2-3 step treatment and it left my hair feeling damn soft and shiny for the next few days!

I've recommended my friends to try doing their hair at Salon Vim before and NONE of them complained. :)

Finally after 2 hours, they are at the final step.
Styling my hair.

Michelle came to look for me!! 
She had to wait for around 30 minutes? hehe.

With the man who has the pair of hands to work wonders on my hair!
My stylist, Luis!

See how smooth & shiny my hair is?

Healthy hair makes you look better instantly.

& I think Michelle looks like a freaking doll in this picture.
Eyes so big, nose so sharp.
I hate her and her tiny face. *jealous*

After doing my hair, we went shopping in town!

& I think we've been doing that every single week.

Whenever I'm back from work, we will hangout in town during weekdays. Have lunch around 2-3pm, shop all the way till 8+pm then slack and drive around Singapore, being the night owls we are until 4-5am in the morning.

I'm damn glad I have a night owl friend like her!! Now we have a new found member, MAY! No pictures with her YET. Cause the past few nights I've been going out with zero makeup. Hehe. 

With boyfriend at Siglap's Xin wang cafe after town.
He looks so nerdy with his specs. HAHA. 

But I still love you! 

 Esther & Fatal was there with us at Xin Wang cafe too!
We spent the next few hours kpkb-ing there making the most noise and laughing at I-don't-know-what.

Good hair day = must camwhore.
& that's my boyfriend's peace sign photobombing me.

Decided to tie my hair up.

Shunxiong loves it when I tie my hair up.
He says its nicer. 
Really meh?
I thought letting down hair = more got "nu ren wei" = more chio.

Last picture, me & my current favorite bling bling collar that I bought from far east.
& I know I kena tok because I paid ALOT for this when I know places like Bugis is selling much cheaper.
BUT, I'm the type of person who will just buy an item on the spot if I really want it.

So yea.

For those interested in getting hair services at Salon Vim, here’s the details you’ll need.
TEL: 68847757 / 68847767
♥ Till the next entry, **meiting.

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