Kim's 21st @ Nana & CLOTTES!

Kimberly's 21st birthday over at NANA.
It so happened that boyfriend's friend, Aloysius was celebrating his birthday there too! & I bumped into a couple of other friends at Nana. So it was a happy night.

How can anyone not like Nana?!?

With the birthday girl, Kimdoodledee!!

Boyfriend with Aloy..

He was so wasted that night man.

Saw pretty Gwen there!!

With her boyfriend Alex.

With my crazy girlfriend, Esther chin. 


With Ah tom, the thai singer/dancer.

Nana is like a meeting point for everyone, cause I saw Belinda there too!!
& coincidentally, she knows my secondary schoolmate.

Don't bother looking. 
I was wearing safety shorts underneath my dress.

With Kim's friend, Yamei.

Having a freaking good time if you can't tell.

Dancing with Mei bai!
My hair fly until damn chio ah.

I give the tightest hugs when I'm tipsy..

Toilet break with the birthday girl.

Group hug!!

Messing around with Andrew's headband. Haha how do I look??

Check out Andrew's crazy hair after I took his headband away.

We are happy people.

My human pillow, Gloria!

Met another of my favorite, Michelle Quek!!

One of the most independent, brave & strong girl I've met.
& babe, we still haven't arranged a date for coffee + shopping!!


Anyway here's a newly opened blogshop!
I'm not paid to advertise at all but I'm sharing this information with you because its my cousin girlfriend's blogshop! &..... all the items are really not bad leh! Quite my cup of tea.

So here's some of the items that caught my eye.. shit, spend again!
I'm gonna ask my cousin's girlfriend, Cerlyn, to give me discount!! hehe.

Alot readers have been asking me where I got my leopard outerwear from the previous entry, so here's your chance!! Limited pieces ah, Cerlyn told me. So better hurry if you want to have 1 of this!

Bandage skirts = must-have in each girl's wardrobe.

But I can't decide which color to get.
The yellow one damn this season, I mean the loud colors.
But the blue/pink one damn sweet also. Hmmm, which should I get?!

This one no need to say much lah, Crop blazer is another must-have for me.
I think I have more than 6 crop blazers in my cupboard!

For those OLs !!

Click here to start your shopping: Clottes !!
Click here to start your shopping: Clottes !!



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