Gender Reveal, BOY OR GIRL?

Will be revealing our baby's gender today!

Wanna make a guess if it's a boy or a girl??


So far there's been more people saying it's a boy on my IG dm-s. 
This was taken at our last scan almost 3 weeks back.. 

Well, did you guessed right? 😂
Lovely cake by @riverashbakery on Instagram
Yup, we are having a little girl 🎀

Balloons by @looneybloonsg on Instagram!
Thanks everyone for your well wishes!!

We're really happy with whatever gender the baby is but if you were to force me to choose a gender.. I've always wanted a Girl first! And everyone around me was predicting my baby to be a Boy, even the said master who predicted my pregnancy told me my baby is "stand up & pee one". 

So naturally SX & I thought our baby was 90% gonna be a boy. And we thought of boy's name for him and started calling the baby "N". LOL

So imagine our surprise 2 weeks later..
When I received a phone call from my gynae's office with my Panorama test (it's a blood test for Down syndrome of the child, 99% accuracy, and has the highest accuracy for gender). So we didn't have to rely on ultrasound scans to wait for the baby to "open leg" or face the right angle to get the gender.

The lady over the phone told me that my child was "LOW RISK" for Down syndrome and the gender is "FEMALE".

I was like 😳 over the phone and asked the nurse again "Female?" 

& she went "YES"
So I hung up & called SX next.

Once he picked up the phone, I told him I have the results already and..

he asked "So is a boy?"

And I just started laughing for a good 5 secs and said through my laughers "No, it's a GIRL!"

& he was like "WHAT? Are you sure, the nurse mixed up is it!!"

Hahahaha, don't get SX wrong ah, it's not that he wanted a boy more, it's just that we've both been calling the baby by it's boy name "N" for the past 2 weeks and we felt attached to "N" already.

Obviously we have to come up with a new name cause N is meant for a boy and I think we have a winner. Will be sharing it with you guys if it's confirmed.

There's so many baby girl names that sounds so nice, and I really like names that begins with "A". But all that I shortlisted, SX didn't like.😓

Alyssa, Acacia, Alayna.. all kena rejected by the father. 

So I came up with a few more names and he liked one. So we've sort of been calling our baby girl by that name.

 & I finally felt her move! 
I swear, it is really as magical as what experienced moms have been telling me.

The first time I felt her was when I was 16-17 weeks? I was walking in my office to the printer to collect my paper and I felt a weird fluttering feeling in my tummy. Then it stopped and I didn't feel anything for the whole of next week.

& last week, when I was 18 weeks, and the movements are so obvious now!! I've been feeling her move EVERY NIGHT from 4 days ago.

I have to lie straight on my back and wait..
The weirdest feeling is when I suddenly feel this strong pressure pushing upwards on my lower abdomen and when I put my hand over that area, it is rock hard (I guess it means she is pushing from the inside). But after gently touching and pressing, it becomes soft again (means she "went away"). It's like a nightly routine for SX and I now to spot & catch her move.

So far SX managed to feel her 4-5 times already! & he is sooooo happy. We'll both be grinning like idiots when it happens..😍
 I'm feeling great, again! 
& it's true what they say..that 2nd trimester is the best!

Im so glad my morning sickness, giddiness and nausea, have all subsided. I've been feeling great for the last 1.5-2 weeks and let's hope I don't jinx it!

I'll be going Japan next week, it wasn't meant to be a baby moon, but now it is. Haha, we booked this trip even before I was pregnant but I'm glad it is happening when I'm in my 2nd trimester when I'm feeling my best. Imagine I had to go Japan during my crazy morning sickness period 😭
I can't wait for Japan!! It's been a year since I went, the last time I was there was for my wedding shoot.. & now I'm going back as a mummy-to-be. 😂


I've googled and my gynae told me best not to, but I know of a few mommies who consumed sashimi during pregnancy too. 🤷🏻‍♀️ They say just make sure the sashimi is FRESH. Like from a good restaurant and not those pre-packed kind. I'm a little worried and think I should just tahan and not eat till I give birth..right?
And even the sandwiches from Family Mart in Japan (which are my ultimate fave), my gynae told me not to take also, cause he mentioned that they may have left it in the fridge for few days..

The egg mayo, ham & cheese one is my favorite, I'll eat it almost daily or every other day when I'm in japan. 

I guess I'll still eat it BUT, I'll check for the dates they were produced, I think in Japan they won't put those that isn't fresh on the shelves right??


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