Fenty Beauty Review (Not sponsored)

 My makeup mojo is back!!! 
Haven't been so excited over makeup for the longest time. When I got pregnant, I was so nauseous and unwell, I went missing from social media and lost all interest in makeup for like.. 2 months 😂.

When I receive PR packages, I just put them aside and didn't even touch them for weeks. I had zero mood and care for anything. Which was weird cause as you all know, makeup is my life. I used to tear open PR packages and be super excited over all the new launches.

And now I'm feeling much better, 😍
Was invited to the preview of Fenty Beauty, if you have no idea what's that, it's Rihanna's new makeup line. 


And I just knew the products that she was gonna launch is gonna be bomb. I mean, come on, it's badgalriri, she won't let us down ok!!

So the event was held at Sephora ION orchard.. at like, 8.30am. Crazy early but Rihanna wanted to launch her brand together worldwide. So we have to follow US's timing 😂.

Sadly, I couldn't make it to the launch.. work + not feeling well..
But nothing is gonna stop me, I managed to get my hands on the items that I wanted!
Fenty Beauty all well stocked.

They are available at ALL Sephora! So just go to the nearest one near you!

Can you look at the huge range for the foundation? I didn't get it cause I prefer cushion foundation or powder for convenience. 😂
Hyperventilated when I saw this shelf.. the highlight addict in me wanted to get like 4 of it but, it's priced at $50 each.. so I exercised some self control and only bought 2.😂

#dayremakeup #dayrebeauty
Highlights which can be used as eyeshadows too.
I really wanted to get more highlights, but I decided 2 for now 😂

I love it sooo much!!

It isn't too glittery, which I really dislike for highlight. It's soft and buttery and pigmented when lightly layered on.
This section is all the Match Stix, which are concealers and contour shades in a stick form.

$37 for 1.. 

But if you're keen on getting a better deal... go for this!
The Match Stix Trio!

Which is $79 for 3 Stix.

As compared to $37 for 1 Stix!! If you buy 3 individually, it's gonna cost $111!

So you save like $32.. much more worth it right?!

Only downside is the colors are pre-selected already, there's like 4-5 different shades that's matched according to skin tones and I got the fairest range.
And luckily, all the 3 shades suits me perfectly!!

1 for highlight, 1 for conceal & 1 for contour.
 Brb, lunch with boss now 
Last item I got is the Glass Bomb. $31

Which as stated, only comes in 1 color, which is a universal shade for all. It can be a lip topper or you can wear it on its own. 

Can't wait to try this.
Here's everything I got! And the total damage is $189. Hehe, not a lot right. I really controlled a lot. 😂 

I wanted to buy like 2 brushes, 1 foundation and 1 more Killawatt highlight. But I decided to just try these first. 

Omg, can't wait to try all this on my face tomorrow!!
The actual color transfer

So juicy!!


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