Asian Skin Solutions

Hello ladies, I'll be sharing with you my experience at Asian Skin Solutions just 1 week back when I went to their Orchard outlet at Park Mall.

I was super thrilled to be invited by Asian Skin Solutions as I've read about Xiaxue's review on them few years ago and I already had a good impression of them. So I know I'll be in good hands of the professionals.

Fact of me: Did you know I've never went for any facial until I was 25 years old

I've always been contented with my skin when I was younger. I thought that, "Hey, I didn't have much pimples, just the occasional ones, so my face should be fine". But actually, going for facials are not only beneficial for people who suffer from acne but also for every lady who wishes up keep & maintain their skin's condition. Continue reading & you'll know what I mean.

Headed over straight after work all excited!

As it was my 1st time at Asian Skin Solutions, I had to fill in my particulars and medical/health history.

That's Jade, my skin specialist, examining my skin's condition.
When I was brought into this room to do my skin's analysis, I was super happy because I've never done that before! & I'll really like to know what & which area of my skin is lacking of.

I've always knew that my skin was really dry ever since I started working in SQ, because of the constant flying, being up in the air for long hours. & Jade confirmed it for me. :(

As you can see from the above picture, my skin's moisture level is 48. Which is actually not satisfactory. Jade mentioned that average asian woman's moisture level should be about 60+. 

& this is the final results.
I had no idea how to tell from the chart whether my skin "Passed" or "Cannot Make It" and Jade said that the best is to have all the little red dots at the center of the circle. If the red dots fall at the edges means that area of your skin needs more care!

I scored the best at "Wrinkles" & "Roughness" but my skin's moisture & T-zone requires more care. Meaning even though my skin maybe dehydrated but it produces too much sebum. How annoying is that. 

Here are some of the common issues ladies have with their skin.

I for one, hate having 

Once the skin analysis was completed. Jade concocted a list of treatments which would be suitable for me to target at my concerns. I told her that I didn't like having yellowish dull skin and I'm very irritated with having black and whiteheads around my nose area!

Today I'm gonna be doing the [ Silky Milk Whitening Treatment ].

Was brought to this room for my facial!

So pink & girly.

Sweet Jade decorated the room just for me. 

Ripped out my fake lashes & all ready for my treatment.

Here's the full course "dinner" that my face was going to enjoy at Asian Skin Solutions.

My therapist getting started.

♥ Double cleansing.
♥ Scrub.

To remove all traces of make up and followed by scrub to get rid of dead skin cells. 
Do you know you are supposed to exfoliate your face at least twice a week so that your skin will look brighter and as well as unclog those pores. 

♥ Steam
♥ Comedone Softener.

Next was to steam my face as well as apply the comedone softener to make the black & whiteheads less stubborn & easier for our next step!

♥ Mild Extraction.
Which was extraction!! Over here at Asian Skin Solutions, they do not do intense extraction as they believe it will hurt your skin and frequent extraction will cause your pores enlarge over time.

♥ Face Massage.
♥ Eye Massage.
♥ Shoulder Massage.
♥ Face Mask.
♥ Eye Mask.
This was one of the most amazing part because my skin has the face & eye mask all over it & the cool effect + shoulder massage felt so good after a long day at work. 

& here's after everything! I think it took near 2 hours? 
My skin felt sooooo soft & fully hydrated. I didn't even looked into the mirror, I just touched my face with the back of my hand & I can feel that my skin is super supple. It actually feels like "bouncy" if you know what I mean. My skin has always been super dry, sometimes it would even peel around my nose, cheeks. But after I took a look in the mirror & I can see red marks on my face from the extraction earlier on but my skin tone looks fairer and more even. 

With Jade earlier on before my facial treatment.
Thank you Jade for being so detailed and concern about giving my skin the best and a personalized facial treatment for my skin's needs.

& here's my face 5 days after the facial at Asian Skin Solutions.
As mentioned earlier, my skin felt super smooth & tender. I also notice that the very next day, when I was applying my skincare products onto my skin in the night, all the products got absorbed into my skin super quickly! Usually I'll have to like tap many times but after the facial, the products seems to seep right into my skin. 

Overall fairness on my skin and the extraction marks have all faded. 
& can you see a slight glow as well?

This picture was taken the next day & application of make up was smoother.

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Asian Skin Solutions outlets.
♥  Orchard, Park Mall, 9 Penang Road, #11-04, Singapore 238459
♥  Bugis, Bugis Village, 154 Rochor Road, Singapore 188425

You really need to know the importance of having a good skin & what are your problem areas. Because if you neglect them, it will only worsen as time goes by & you may reach the stage where it maybe too late! For my case, is my pigmentation :( It is all gonna surface in the next few years so I'm spamming whitening products & sunblock like mad now.

Give some l♥ve & pampering to your skin ladies!!


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