18 Weeks update, Weight gain etc..

Hi hi!!

Just hit 18 weeks today, or is it yesterday? So I'm like almost halfway here.. 4.5 months.. and guess what? 2nd trimester really is the BEST!! It's been almost 2 weeks since I start feeling normal and no more crazy morning sickness! Weeeee!!!

Weight gain so far: 3.5kg

I take my weight daily but I note it down weekly instead cause the weight fluctuates like mad, going up & down 1 kg depending on my dinner 😂. 

3.5kg seems to be right on track according to my "weight gain plan"..
I'm hoping to gain around 12kg or 15kg max.. and I've heard so many people telling me that the weight gain during the 3rd trimester is uncontrollable 😅, but don't worry, I'm eating all 3 meals as normal, just swapping out my unhealthy breakfast cravings (sausage mcmuffin, Starbucks croissant ham & cheese) to fruits, nuts and oatmeal instead. 

And since I'm finally feeling better now, I started getting active!
Went swimming around 8 laps the other day at my parent's home and I felt a sharp stretch at the beginning as I've not work out for months.. then I decided to take it slow & the discomfort went away.

& just now, I did some thighs + butt + abs + arms prenatal workout! I went on YouTube & searched "pregnancy exercise for 2nd trimester" and followed 4 videos and boy did it feel good to perspire! 

Shall aim to do some light exercises at least 3x a week! 

My belly is really growing these days.. I can't fit into all of my shorts so I'm wearing dresses every single day. And I'm oil-ing myself daily with Bio Oil and this stretch mark cream that my gynae gave me. I'm ok to get some stretch marks here and there, doesn't really scare me much, I don't know why. But I just can't stand the itch when it's too dry, so the itch is actually the reason why I am applying my creams and oil so religiously!
Received this pregnancy kit from Look Fantastic and I'll be giving it a try soon! A couple of mummies DM-ed me on Instagram after I posted about it and asked for a review.

So.. give me a week or 2 to test it out okay! 

Love how there's so many "mummy kits" out there.. and this one has products for Boobs + Tummy + Legs + Mind. 💕
 Growing out of my current bras 
I've always had a small bust size and I can wear my bras for the longest time cause... not heavy duty mah, the straps and band doesn't get stretched out too much.

But since I got pregnant, my boobs has been growing and it's getting so uncomfortable to wear my old bras. I feel like it's too tight and I can't breathe.. 

The husband is not complaining about the new boobs size though..😂 I told him to enjoy it while it lasts and don't get too used to it cause after breastfeeding, sure shrink!
Can the boobs stay this size forever? 😂

Anyway, I'm so glad I got my tattoos done higher on my ribs cause I took in account that I'll get pregnant sooner or later and I'm afraid that it will stretch out my tattoos really bad. So far none of my tattoos have stretched, so that's good!! 

And this is the new bra that I bought which is damnnnnnn bloody comfortable!! Feels like I'm wearing nothing!
The uniqlo wireless bra!

Really is damn shiok, I only bought 1 cause I'm going to Japan later this month and I'm gonna buy more when I'm there! Yes, it's slightly cheaper to buy it in Japan than in Singapore.

I'm planning to buy their maternity jeans and baby clothing too!
Okay, time to watch Narcos with the husband. Update more later, or tomorrow 😘

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