Klarra x Strangers Reunion

Along with a few other bloggers, I was invited to Strangers' Reunion last Tuesday to check out the latest brand new items on the menu as well as a fashion preview of KLARRA's Spring Summer 2015 Collection.

Food + Fashion

How can I say no to such an invitation?
& I've been wanting to try Strangers' Reunion for the longest time.

Strangers' Reunion.
33-35-37 Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169355

If you are a huge coffee fan, then you've definitely heard of Strangers' Reunion. They really do make a mean cup of coffee. I mean, how can they not when the co-founder, Ryan Tan, is actually a 3 time Singapore Barista Champion! So if you find yourself craving for a cup of quality coffee next time, you'll know where to get it ya?

 Do you know that Strangers' Reunion also owns a coffee school, a roastery that supplies to other local cafes and retails coffee equipment?

Moving on from coffee, their selection of food on the menu is pretty extensive too! It consists of all-day breakfast (ooo, my favs!), light bites for sharing (truffle fries please!), specialty waffles (one must never miss this) and a full dinner menu.

I can go on and on about the food so I think I better stop myself here and let's talk fashion now.

KLARRA is a womenswear label founded by Beatrice Tan, whom I'm sure all of you have heard of, and they currently have a pop-up store from now till 3rd Feb 2015 at Strangers' Reunion.

I really like the idea of pop-up stores because usually when we shop our favorite brands online, there are chances where we don't get the right sizes or would actually prefer to look and feel the clothing before making our decision to purchase. & here's your chance!

This is definitely not my first time shopping with KLARRA and I've always loved this label for its quality and classy designs. Each KLARRA piece I own feels really luxe and timeless.

Besides its regular line, KLARRA has also launched a conceptual line, Frontrow, which focuses on unique prints and fabric created with a specific theme.

 I couldn't help myself but to sweep through the racks once I was in the cafe.
The 2015 spring summer collection focuses mostly on workmanship and fabric choice instead of loud colors and I really enjoy that.

“The local fashion scene is saturated, and at KLARRA, we want to set ourselves apart from the rest. We decided the best way to do this was to introduce apparel focusing on quality and design. To bring unique upscale designs to the market, we conceptualised the whole product line to emphasise on unique fabric and workmanship.  We want our customers to look good, and also feel good.” shared founder Beatrice Tan on KLARRA’s rebranding.

It was really hard to pick an outfit because there were more than a couple designs that caught my eye but the final decision has to be done..

& here's what I bagged home.

Outfit on point with Ebony Trumpet Sleeves top & Skort set.
It comes in black as well, which was what Jessica picked.

I was instantly drawn to it because of the floral netted details on the fabric & 2 pcs set like these are really big right now.

Clean lines, solid colors and impeccable cutting is everything.

The material used is of really good quality and to me, that is what sets KLARRA apart from the usual apparels online.

Sizes runs from XS to L and here I am in size S.
I'm usually a UK 8, sometimes UK 10 depending on the fit, so you can use this as a gauge maybe?
As I was saying, there were several items that I really loved when I was combing through the racks of clothes... so let me my picks with you!

This dress, I need!
The neoprene material has been going wild for a while now and I really appreciate the define shape it gives to one's silhouette. This dress is a twist to a rather classic little black dress. 

Another piece of clothing that is pretty hot right now is the culottes. I can't remember when they made a comeback but having a staple piece like this one will definitely be useful to have in your wardrobe. I can already picture the multiple outfits I can match with this piece.

This Kendaz playsuit tulle set is such a clever idea. Well done, Beatrice! Okay, it looks like a normal maxi dress right? Nothing special right? WRONG. It is actually a satin romper matched with a sheer tulle skirt. So you can either dress it down or glam it up from day to night in this set!

KLARRA is having a spring preview this coming weekend so do drop by their showroom for some shopping if you are still short of clothes for CNY!

Now that we've talked all about clothes, let's move on to food.

Here we have the new additions to Strangers' Reunion menu.

A total of
2 salads,
5 mains
3 desserts.

But first, how can we not start off with a cup of their signature brew?
I have the hot mocha and Jessica opt for the iced one.

I'm not kidding when I say this cup of mocha is pretty darn good. I'm not a huge fan of coffee so mocha is what I always order when I decide to have some. It isn't too sweet but I could still taste the chocolate in it and the coffee aroma is evident in every sip. Not overpowering, just perfect.

Here's just a picture of Jessica & I taken by Evonne during our meal.
& as you can see, we polished most of the food on our plates each round.

Beetroot Salad
A colorful combination of tastes & textures with fresh garden greens, smashed avocado, sundried tomatoes, artichoke, red turnip, pistachio, croutons and house dressing.

This salad is super refreshing and the perfect item to share with your mates before indulging in your mains. My taste buds enjoyed the smashed avocado and house dressing!

Tuna Tataki Nicoise Salad
Tossed with fresh cherry tomatoes, pickled white onions, pea sprouts, wasabi dressing made in-house, and a perfectly-poached egg.

The tuna was pretty fresh and I think that is really important because I absolutely cannot take those "fishy" sashimi.

House Smoked Salmon Benedict
Garnished with hazelnut bearnaise, feta cheese, walnut crumble, petite salad and sultana bread.

I can definitely see this dish becoming a hot favorite amongst breakfast lovers. Salmon benedict can almost never go wrong.

Freshly Shaved Prosciutto Benedict
With anchovies, crisp parmesan chips, petit salad and country bread.

Ocean Trout on Hash
With petit salad and a poached egg. The potato hash & trout is complemented with savoury bagna cauda, a traditional italian sauces made from anchovies, garlic and cream.

I really loved this dish! Fried shallots were coated all over the salmon and with each bite it adds on flavor and crunch to it. & it comes with rosti and a poached egg. Everything I love in one plate.

Truffle Fries
This is not a new item but it deserves a mention because it totally made my night! It comes with a generous amount of grated truffle, parmesan and truffled aioli sauce. I'll encourage truffle lovers to order this because you'll not regret it.

Berry Ricotta Hotcake
Featuring a huge serving of soft and fluffy hotcake, served up with fresh berries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and vanilla bean ice cream.

Almost everyone at my table was waiting for this the entire night. & it was even better that I expected. The quantity is really generous so be prepared to share this with more than one friend! The ricotta taste isn't overpowering but you can still taste it in every bite. & the berries + ice cream goes really well with the pancake.

It is so good that it deserves another picture.
Artistic shot by meowiie.

Really, you MUST MUST MUST try this when you visit Strangers Reunion. 
Oh & their truffle fries too!

Chocolate Panna Cotta
Drizzled with homemade berry compte, walnut-infused gold dust, salted caramel and the perfect touch of dark cholocate sables.

Buttermilk Waffles
Famed for being just the right amount of crisp on the outside, and soft and fluffy on the inside. Topped with fresh fruits and your choice of vanilla bean ice cream or greek yogurt, this is the dessert that will complete your meal.

The buttermilk waffles have been every customer's favorite since day one so I'm not surprised that it did meet my expectations and is one of the better waffles I've tasted in Singapore. & trust me when I say that because I've been on quite a waffle hunt.

Here's a group picture with all the bloggers that attended the event as well as the founders of KLARRA and Strangers' Reunion.

We're all smiles because we're well fed (in fact a little too well fed) and we girls got to shop as well.

Strangers' Reunion.
33-35 Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169355

0900 to 2200 (Sundays to Thursday)
0900 to 0000 (Friday & Saturday)
Closed on Tuesdays.

Waffle Slayer
37 Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169355
1100 to 2200 (Daily)

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