Majolica Majorca - Heart Hunter

My heart was filled with so much joy when I received this package from Majolica Majorca. Which contained their new launch:

Chapter 42 - Heart ♥ Hunter.

I don't think Majolica Majorca needs much introduction because ever since they were launched in Singapore, there has been so much hype over their makeup products! I was already using their makeup even before it reached the shores of Singapore. I even resorted to buying them off the internet and having it shipped over because I saw many overseas beauty bloggers using it and it looked so promising.

One of the things that drew me to Majolica Majorca is the packaging! All the products are always designed so prettily and have this whimsical look to it. It just makes me feel super girly, like a princess, when I'm using it.
With the makeup trend being on light eye makeup, and more focus on cheeks & lips colour, Majolica Majorca's new launch products does exactly just it!
Okay, let's take a look at the products!

Lip Dip Kiss, retailing at $14.90 per tube.

(On the left - colour #30. On the right - colour #20)

 This colour changing lipgloss will instantly tint your lips by absorbing the moisture on it. 
So the colour will look different on each lip, making it like a personalized lip gloss for each individual!

#20 will give you a rosier pink colour while #30 has a coral finish to it.

Here I am wearing the colour #30.

This lipgloss is highly moisturizing as it contains collagen but it doesn't leave my lips feeling sticky and that is a major plus point for me!

Here we have the Lash Expander Edge Meister GR777 (mascara) and the Majoromantica S (scent).

The Majoromantica S is retailing at S$25.90.

Just look at how dainty and cute it is!
I love how most of the MJ products are so handy in size and I can just throw them in any of my bags.
It has a fresh peach scent mixed with a whiff of rose. So this is a fruity & floral perfume with a musky finish.

The Lash Expander Edge Meister GR777 is retailing at S$25.90.

Remember how I mentioned earlier on that I purchased MJ products from overseas before they were in Singapore? This was the 1st item I bought, not in this limited edition olive green colour though. I loved it so much after using it that I went online and order another 2 more just in case I ran out of it.

So trust me when I say this mascara works.

I love that it is a comb instead of a usual brush because it just separates my lashes so beautifully. There is nothing more that I hate than clumpy lashes.
The duo ended comb widens and catches even the shortest eyelashes (lower lashes & inner corner lashes).
It also lengthens my lashes like 3x more than it usual length with its 4mm long fibres.

Here's a close-up of my lashes after using just 1 coat of the Lash Expander.
The mascara is also water proof so sweat, oil and tears, you name it, they got it covered.

I just discovered that it is formulated with speedy dry oil as a gentle treatment for your lashes.
So this thing gives you long lasting curls & nourishes your lashes with vitamin E + macadamia nut oils.

& now, moving on to my favourite product of the entire collection...

the Puff De Cheeks (Flower Harmony)!

These blushers are retailing at S$22.90 each.

It comes in 3 shades.. from left to right, 
Mandarin Mix, Cherry Mix (limited edition), Strawberry Mix

It is formulated with 3 different colours of micro powder.
The dark colour: which is the blood colour is the one that gives the blush.
The mid colour: is the control colour that creates a fine and smooth finish by covering pores.
The light colour: is the one that creates a glowy look.

Here's a swatch of the colours, from left to right:
Cherry Mix, Strawberry Mix and Mandarin Mix.

I decided to try out Mandarin Mix as I was already wearing a coral lip colour.

So just twirl the puff in the blush to mix all 3 colours together...

& lightly pat the puff on the cheeks for a natural n rosy coloured blush.

Theses blushers are my favourite because it is so easy to use and I'm done in less than 5 seconds.
Perfect for makeup beginners!
I also love the fact that it glides on my face and spreads smooth on the cheeks as it is formulated with macadamia oil, so this is great for those who have dry skin.

The micro pressed powder gives a soft n bright finish without looking too powdery.

So here's my finished look!
Rose coloured cheeks n fruit coloured lips.
I'm even wearing the olive green mascara, you probably can't tell because it is really subtle and definitely a wearable colour complementing well with dark or brown hair.

You can find these Majolica Majorca products exclusively in all Watsons stores!

For more information, you can find it at :

Here's the fun part!

Contest time!!
10 lucky winners will stand a chance to win Majolica Majorca's new Heart Hunter products.

All you need to do is:
♥ follow me on my instagram - @lianmeiting
♥ quote "meitingXmj" & hashtag #majolicasg #hearthunter on a photo with the caption "Something Stole My Heart..."
It could be anything such as your favorite moment/thing/person!

It is that simple!

Good luck, beautifuls ♥


  1. Hi, so glad I stumbled upon your blog I was looking for a review of the new collection by majorica majolica for awhile now. Just a few questions if you don't mind. Because the product I'm most interested in buying is the mascara could you give a more in depth review of it like is the olive color really dramatic or subtle. Also, is your contest still going on and if so it it international?😊

    1. Wow... Can't believe I switched the name haha oops

  2. what a lovely review <3 I'm hooked on the olive green colour mascara and of course, the blush on! btw is the contest open for international readers too?

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  4. Hi, do you know where to get them? As not all the watsons have it..

  5. Hi, do you know where to get them? As not all the watsons have it..

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