Heineken Cities Festival

I was invited to the Heineken Cities Festival about 2 weeks ago on the 30th of August 2014 & I was so thrilled! The idea behind this entire festival sounds really fun to me. The urban street festival was held at Ann Siang Hill & Club street where the streets were "closed" for the night for the party go-ers to enjoy a night of new experiences and adventure. 

The 1 night only event aims to bring the experience of 6 major cities around the world to us & inspire city dwellers to "open their city"! 

Are you able to name the 6 cities?

I had an epic night of fun with my friends whom I eagerly invited because I knew that they would really enjoy this rare opportunity to party on the streets of Singapore.

Here's me & SX at 1 of the entrances. 
We were there pretty early, like 8-ish pm.

A huge hint to 1 of the 6 cities is in SX's hands.. can you spot the red fan that he was holding? 

The entire street was filled with people with Heineken in their hands.
We didn't feel like we were in Singapore that night. There were so much going on the entire night and we were thoroughly entertained.

Here's the line-up of the performances & entertainment for that night. 
It was hard to decide which entertainment I wanted to catch but I managed to catch a few of them.

Here are the 6 Heineken City experiences!

Over at NEW YORK, I managed to spot my friend, Mandy, in her US-inspired dress. She was taking pictures with everyone and giving out these US themed hats. There were also hiphop dance performances & a painted tin man street performer. 

& here's AMSTERDAM, where  local artist Mindflyer was painting a wall mural.

When we reached LONDON, there were busker performances and who can resist taking a picture with that iconic red phone booth?

Over at RIO DE JANEIRO, we were in awe by the performances by the Samba dancers & drummers. There were also face painting & I spotted a couple of people walking around with awesome painted faces!

& lastly, when we arrived at SHANGHAI, we have these pretty ladies traditionally dressed in cheong sams & performing fushion jazz dances. & yes, this was where SX got his red fan as part of the city experience.

After all that entertainment, SX & I decided we needed a break & a drink.
Here's a friendly bartender handing us our City Edition bottle!

An ice cold beer was much needed as we were all feeling the heat from the crowd & being all hyped up!

Here are the 6 Heineken City Edition bottles in a shot!

The Heineken Cities Festival celebrates the launch of the 6 limited Heineken City Edition bottles 
London, New York, Rio De Janerio, Singapore, Shanghai, Amsterdam.

These bottles will be available at all bars which serves Heineken island wide till the end of September (while stocks last). The special Singapore City edition bottle is exclusive only to Singapore & it is retailing between $12-$18 each, along with the others in the series!

Have you collected yours yet?

It was truly a fun night that I never thought that I would have experienced in our tiny island Singapore.

One of the moments that I loved that night, when the green confetti was shot & raining down on all of us. 
Everyone just went insane & starting cheering. I was one of the mad ones too. HAHA.

DJ Rae, an internationally renowned singer-songwriter-producer was also spinning that night, keeping everyone busy on their feet with her music.

The Heineken Cities Festival was a great way for us to catch up with our friends. (Here's us with Eve & Ken)
I mean, who would turn down an invite to a party like this?!

With Madeline & Jasmine from Nuffnang.

This is really a first (at least for me) in Singapore where 2 streets are closed & everyone was able to party & hop from one pub to another.

See what I mean by the entire street was just filled with people hanging around & having a good time?

We were making our way to a rooftop bar/restaurant to continue our evening.

Happy me snapping pictures as I made my way through the crowd.
I was just exuding happy vibes the entire night. 
I couldn't keep still or stay calm at all. LOL.

Super enthu with the props given out that night.

With my other 2 friends, Sarah & James, who gamely came down after I mentioned that I was here and having a ball of a time! I was glad they enjoyed themselves too. It was nice to take a breather from the crowd and just hang out at the roof top bar where we had the skyscrapers as our backdrop.

& this was the view that I saw when I looked down from the roof top bar.

Now, this is what I call a street festival. 
It was truly a huge success and I really wish that Heineken will organize one EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

SX & I were saying that we will attend it every year if there is because this experience is really quite eye-opening and just something you wouldn't get in your day to day lives in Singapore. This urban festival with 6 different city experiences has allowed us to discover the world in Singapore. 

Thank you so much, Heineken, for having this street festival.

We are looking forward to the next one!

To check out more hidden gems and open your city, head over to..


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