Clarisonic - GIVEAWAY

Let's talk beauty today.

Clarisonic Mia 2 has just launched 3 new exciting colors..
continue reading to the end of this post for information on the giveaway!

& as everyone knows, the secret to looking good is not by just applying tons of makeup. It actually starts from the very basic - your skin. If you have a very bad skin, think pimples and clogged pores, even if you apply layers and layers of concealer or foundation, you still wouldn't look as good as when you have perfect clear skin.

& how do we have great skin?

People always ask me for my top few beauty secrets.

1. Drink lots of water.
2. Moisturize.
3. Remove all traces makeup & cleanse your face well.

If you are my long time reader, you'll know that I once bought Clarisonic mia like 3 years back and my skin started to have a few tiny bumps and I sold it away? I've been told by many of my friends that I should have just kept using it because my skin was just purging out all the toxins beneath and after 2-3 weeks of regular usage, my skin would look so much better than before. 

I was given the Clarisonic ARIA about 1 month back and I was excited to give another try because I REALLY wanted to fall in love with this product like all the other girls out there who swears by Clarisonic!

This was what I was using for myself the past month.
I don't use it everyday though, because my skin is naturally quite well-behaved and also partly because I'm lazy. Haha. I use the clarisonic 2-3 times a week, at most 4, to give my skin a good thorough cleansing especially on days where I feel that my skin has been with makeup on for too long or when it starts to look a little dull. It helps to gently exfoliates dead skin cells and does an amazing job at removing any traces of makeup left on my skin.

I love how the ARIA comes with a standing charging dock/drying rack. It makes storing, drying & charging the device so much more convenient! The dock already found a permanent spot in my room which is just next to where all my skincare products are.

I was also using it the ARIA together with the Gentle Hydro Cleanser which was made for dehydrated and sensitive skin. As the name suggests, this milk cleanser is really gentle on the skin and it helps remove impurities while at the same time smoothing and comforting it. Some of the ingredients in it are coconut, aloe vera gel, vitamin E & Japanese green eat.

The ARIA is slightly larger in size as compared to the MIAs & it has 3 speeds which can be selected just by pressing the up or down button. I'm a fan of using the highest speed 3 at my larger pore area like my T-zone and for the rest of my face I usually use speed 2 and maybe speed 1 if it is a little near my eye area.

I actually googled the usage for the different speed and they even have a name for each.
The sensitive speed is speed 1 (lowest) ideal for sensitive skin.
The universal speed is speed 2 (mid range) ideal for most skin type.
The powerful speed is speed 3 (highest) ideal for tough skin

So it seems like I'm using the different speeds at the right area of my skins!

For people with specific skin types, you can also try out their LUXE range brush heads.
& here I havethe Cashmere Cleanse and Satin Precision brush head.

As you are supposed to replace your brush heads every 3 months, I think it would be good to try around with different brush heads to see which does your skin prefer and reacts best to?

Here's a close up of the brush heads.
I'm currently using the cashmere cleanse brush head & I've no complaints about it so far.

Can't wait to try out the satin precision one in 2 month's time!!

Fact: do you know that these babies cleanses your face 6x better than your hands?

Now for the fun part!

The 3 new limited edition colors from Clarisonic for the MIA 2!!

Here are the bright colored ones in their casing.

A close up at the MIA 2.

The MIA 2 has 2 speed and a one minute T-Timer as a guide to inform you of how long you've been using the device on your skin.

Here's a comparison of the size difference between the ARIA and the MIA 2.

& here are some of the the significant reasons why I'm hooked on using Clarisonic:
- It leaves my skin feeling so clean after each usage.
- Skincare products are able to be absorbed into my skin quicker.
- My pores miraculously seems to be tighter and blackheads seems to have lessen.

One huge tip on using Clarisonic's cleansing device is..
DO NOT press down hard onto your skin or apply much pressure.
Instead, try to just lightly skim the rotating brush over your skin to gently cleanse it.

Remember, your skin is very delicate!!

So which one of the 3 new colors are your favorite?

The neon LIME GREEN..



I'm gonna be so jealous of the winners because I really love ALL 3 of the colors and I'm not lying!
See how my wardrobe essentials are of the exact same shade of color? Haha, I was laughing to myself as I was taking pictures of myself wearing the outerwears & the MIA 2s

This is the DEEPPORE Decongesting Replenishment Kit (which I will be giving away 5 sets!).
It contains the Deep Pore brush head, Deep Pore daily cleanser and the Deep pore Clay Mask.

"Sonic technology and the Deep Pore Brush Head generate powerful fluid forces activating the Deep Pore Daily Cleanser to gently remove surface debris and help control excess sebum

The specially designed Decongesting Clay Mask rids the pores of damaging, clogging toxins and softens skin."


I know, this is the part where most of you are waiting for right?

There will be 
3 winners for the Clarisonic Mia 2
5 winners for DEEPPORE Decongestant Replenishment Set.

Steps to win:
- Follow @lianmeiting & @clarisonicsg on Instagram
- Like my picture
- Comment with your email address & tell me which color is your favorite and why! 

Increase your chances to win!
- Repost my picture on your instagram
 - Caption it "Join the @lianmeiting x @ClarisonicSg giveaway!"
- & hashtag #LMTgiveaway

*Giveaway is opened locally only*
*Winners will be announced on 15th Sept 14*
*Winners announcement will be on my instagram*

Good luck everyone!

Stay beautiful.



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