Pre-CNY Lo hei at Eve's

Today's blog entry is going to be on my Friday.

Yes, just 2 days ago, that Friday.

I think this is the most up to date blog entry ever.

Most of my blog entries are about stuff that happened like 2 months ago. My bad, I know. 

So instead of updating all the pictures over at my dayre (god I love how convenient it is to update there!  I'm getting so addicted to it that I seldom want to blog here anymore. Unless I have like alot of pictures to post then I will be blogging over here), I decided to post it here!

This was taken when I arrived office and was early!

& another picture because I was the only person in the meeting room as I was early again.


I'm always early for meetings with my friends or going for appointments. Unless I oversleep or something lah but most of the time, I am always super punctual and I hate waiting for people for more than 15 minutes.

I've once waited for bird for more than 1 hour and I just stood outside Cine like an idiot.

I've once waited for Michelle & Jun at ION for more than 1.5 hours and I was so hungry I went to buy tori-q chicken on sticks to eat before they arrived for dinner.

I've waited for Esther Chin all my life.

We have to lie to her to tell her we are meeting at 7.30pm when actually we all plan to meet at 8pm. Give her 30 mins grace period & SHE STILL CAN BE LATE.

Okay, digress a bit lah ok.

What I wore to work on casual Friday..

Went to Esther's office after work because we work kinda nearby each other & she was my ride to Eve's house.

Her fake lashes were coming off in the above picture, that's why she's holding the fake lashes glue. & she does her makeup at each traffic light. This woman.

So this Lo Hei gathering was super random lah actually.. it started when we all bumped into each other at the Love Bonito pop up store event last week? or 2 weeks ago? Cannot remember lah.

So I went to the event with Esther & I knew Jessica was going to be there so I told her I'll see her there.

Then Evonne, Yina, Tricia, Eve & Trisha was also at that event and we girls decided to have dinner together after the event and we headed over to Dian Xiao Er and a gathering at Eve's house was one of the topics that came up during dinner so yeap.

We did.

Super onz.

Everyone brought something and we had a super huge spread.


Eve prepared yummy salmon belly sashimi & bee hoon.
Evonne bought satay which we almost finished eating before the dinner started.
Tricia brought sushi which cost a bomb.
Jessica & I ordered 933 curry pillow.
Esther bought chicken wing & sotong balls from Old Chang Kee.


how can we forget about desserts right?

My friend Glenda bakes (GSDESSERTS) and I told her that I'll be having this gathering and she was super nice to offer to cover the desserts!


I'm usually not a fan of jelly but this combination is sooooooooooo amazing.

The jelly is not too sweet, the cheese taste isn't overwhelming and the digestive biscuit base is slightly salty & crunchy which just makes everything right.

I had to control & stop myself after 3 because I don't wanna gain back the weight I lost!!

She also baked us brownies!

I'm never a fan of brownies because I've tasted those that were dry and hard and some even like cardboard, so I usually don't order brownies when I have sweet treats.

But these from GSDESSERTS are different!

I ate 2 of it even when my stomach was bursting.

It is slightly crunchy when I first sink my teeth in but when I start to chew, it is kinda moist inside. The chocolatey level is just nice for me, not too sweet as well! THUMBS UP!

Do check out their instagram (@gsdesserts) to see other creations and to order in advance because they may be too busy if your orders are last minute!!

Esther, I & Jessica!

& one more of 20% of Yina's fiance, Yong Zhuan singing.

These 2 can sing damn well lah.
Wah lao, hear them sing already nobody dare to sing man.



With Yina & Evonne!

Yina, I know you got wear braces before, okay pass! very straight teeth!

When there is a party, alcohol must be on the list.

Crazy girls who are "jiu guis!" (alcoholics)

ALL SQUEEZE AND BUMP HEADS just to drink from the pail of malibu pineapple.

Eve then brought us around her house for a tour.


Taking lift from basement to the attic.

If I have this walk-in wardrobe, I will never leave my house.

I can finally solve the headache of running out of space in my closet.

I'm forever forced to throw out clothes because it is like bursting in my closet and I have to hang 3 pieces of clothing on each hanger. Yes, the situation is that bad. 

After seeing eve's mom's walk-in, I realized, I don't have too much clothes. The problem is that I don't have enough closets. HAHAHA.


We can explain.

Eve's basement has no reception so whenever we want to connect to the world out there, we have to stand at this spot to get reception. This picture was taken by John when he arrived and saw us like this.

It is quite a funny sight, isn't it?

But like what Evonne said, the lack of reception is good actually! Because we could not use our phones to check instagram or whatever shit and we had to just be there & socialize. 

& then it was time to Lo hei!!!

We all had to think of auspicious things to say when we poured in each ingredient and it was funny to see what everyone came up with.

Esther wanted to say "ZAO SHEN GUI ZI"

& everyone was like "CHOY!! WE WON'T LO TO THAT"

& the part when we started to stick our chopsticks into the yu sheng was havoc.

Food was thrown from every direction and our hands were all sticky and oily after. Super funny lah, we have the video but I'm lazy to upload it. So..... paiseh ah.

Time for group picture!!

Notice the phone there? 

& the 2 people in it?

hahaha, they left earlier, like 10 mins before we decided to take a group picture so we came up with this idea to include them into the shot.

Innovative max.

It was a really fun night.

We had so much laughters and bonded over such a short time.

From strangers to drinking kaki & laughing at each other *vivian especially* & how everyone got along so well at the end of the day. 



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