Hermes Event

Hey hey hey!!

I'm back! 

Today with a normal entry, not an advertorial! Because I know many of you will start to nag at me if my blog starts to turn into one of those "full of adverts and no daily entry" kinda blog. 

Actually, I do blog very often on my dayre. If you don't know what it is, it is like a mobile-blog and it is so convenient to blog there if I want to write my daily random tales. So if you wish to read about it, do follow me there! 

So here's an entry on the HERMES event which I was invited to go about a month ago!

Thank you Selina for the invite!

This event is by far the MOST FUN one I've been to!!

So it was held on a Friday (thank god), and SX came over to pick me after work and we were waiting in his car for Megan to reach Bugis before we drove over to the location..

& we started to take some retarded pictures..

This is him trying to imitate the way I pose for pictures.

I have to hold my fringe cause it is at the half-f*cked length where it will fall onto my face lah. 

See his face.

I wanna smack him.


I love him.

So... we arrived at the event like 15 mins late and we were still one of the earliest ones there.

It is an outdoor event held at this school at, I can't remember where.

This event is to promote the launch of their Sports range or something so that explains the whole outdoor theme with a lot of fun games!!

GIANT snakes and ladders.

With Megan!!

See the stalls behind us? 

There were like 8 or 10 different food and drinks booth for us to fill our tummies with!

& the food was sooooo good!!

We were glad that we were the early birds because we managed to get like 2 rounds of those yummy goodies. HEHE.

Huge ass Hermes scarf as our backdrop.

& many scarfs on display.

I wanna take one home!


Esther Chin!

She looks like a little sailor girl.

Didn't managed to take picture of the food but I got one of the drinks.

Can't remember what it was but it was refreshing and shiok!

With my boyfriend and girls.

Natalie and Jessica was there too!

Invited them to join our table and they are so pretty.
These 2 super branded bag lovers. Their instagram forever carrying expensive bags.

By 8+ the event was filled!
& this is not even half of the people there.. cause there is an indoor side which we explored later on.

And at these kinda event, sure got celebrities one right?

Felicia Chin!

I didn't know how to pose next to her so I just stood behind and smile.

Saw another celebrity there!

HAHA, pretty Jayne was there with her Fiance!

Walking down the hallway to the indoor part of the event..

but first, must take pictures with the deco on the wall.

The indoor part!

This is only half of the room because I was too excited with the games that I forgotten to take an overview of the place.

That's me trying to play darts.

Lai, let the man try.

& my dear friend megan sucked at this so bad.

NONE of the hoops got in!

I like this picture though I look ugly here because it shows how happy I was!


I am so happy that I decided to go for the event because most of the times I always can't make it to a lot of events/launches due to my work schedule.

I really enjoyed myself at this super big scale & fun event.

Just a random picture of me when I went back to SX's place and sleptover.

I'll probably be doing an updated makeup video because quite many of you have been requesting for it.

I'm on leave next Thursday & Friday so let's see if I am able to squeeze out time to film a video okay?

And yes, I know many of you are waiting for SQ part 3.



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