Beauty Sunday

Hello everyone!!

Today's entry is gonna be all things beauty related, that explains the title lah.

& the first thing I'll like to share today would be on the Bobbi Brown event that I went last month too!

Here's me on the cab going down to town for the event and I was late late late..

Brought birdie as my plus one for the event.

We were about 30 minutes late so we sneak in quietly and sat at the back. LOL.

Saw how each gorgeous lady flaunt their chioness after being styled and made up by the various MUA from Bobbi Brown.

I remember myself looking at all the ladies walking down the runway thinking "damn, I wanna look as hot and fit as them when I'm in my 30s or 40s too".

& the next segment was a demonstration on how to apply the makeup using the shades which we were given.

I learnt a thing or two each time I watch different MUA apply makeup on models.

All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend~

& let's take a look at the Bobbi Brown year end collection.

All the makeup sets are to die for!!

I think I have enough makeup to last me for the next 3 years but still, the makeup addict in me can't stop.

Collected our gift bags and was stopped by a photographer to snap a picture of us.

My #ootd of the day.

Really loving this dress from
(2 ladies left comments saying that the delivery of their items were delayed. I've emailed the lady boss of Leffaire and will reply you guys once she gives me a reply.)

& here's what I got in the goodie bag.

*jaw drops*

All the colors are really wearable and I would use them almost on a daily basis because it is suitable for any occasion.

& here are other items from Tom Ford and MAC and Bobbi Brown which are all under the Estee Lauder Company. They were given to me by the sweetest and most humble power-lady I've met: Grace Ban, the MD of Estee Lauder. 

In the above picture, my eyes and cheeks are done using the colors given from the Bobbi Brown gift bag.

Love how a little dab of the blusher gives a strong payoff.

& the eye shadow colors goes so well together. The glitter I added at the center of my eyelids really makes my eyes pop!

Overall look photobombed by my boyfriend's fingers.


My latest set of nails by Covet Nails.
(A home-based manicure salon located at Toa Payoh!)

 Sms/Whatsapp to 91540983 for enquiries or appointment 

I am really in love with it because french manicures are my ultimate weakness and I got adel (the manicurist x my poly classmate) to add in the super bling glitters onto my 4th finger.

Any ladies here who would reject such pretty glitters?

& I told adel that I wanted 3d flowers too and she was saying all that I wanted on my nails damn tak-match. HHAHAHA..

But she came up with the above design for me which had everything that I wanted!
- French design - Checked
- Glitters - Checked.
- 3d flowers - Checked!

Here's some amazing deals exclusive to my readers only!!

Simply "like & share" facebook page ( 
quote "lianmeiting" when booking appointment 

to enjoy additional 5% off on top of the 10% already given
(not applicable to gel overlay/acrylic extension promo). 

First 5 readers to book an appointment for Gel Overlay Promo get to enjoy it @ ONLY $48! 
(U.P $70)  

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(U.P $80) 

All appointments must be within the promotion period 
(valid till 30th nov). 

Follow @Covetnails at Instagram/Twitter for more updates. 

♥ Sms/Whatsapp to 91540983 for enquiries or appoinment ♥


Next up would be my current monthly favorite skincare product.

The Lancome -Advanced - Genifique.

I know this product isn't new in the market because I've been hearing ladies raving about this for the longest time but I have yet to try it out.

So I was given the opportunity to try out this product from the sweet ladies of Lancome and I jumped at the opportunity because of all the positive feedback it has.

Another clever touch is the advanced self-loading dropper that makes application really easy!

All I got to do is twist and click the pipette to get the perfect dose of serum for each application.

Just 1 drop is enough for my entire face and neck and the texture/consistency of the serum is just perfect. 

So for the past 1 month I've been using this baby way too much.

My skin feels smoother and more radiant after using the Lancome Advanced Genefique. 
It also helped even out my skin tone and brings more clarity to my face. 

It can also help to combat sagging of skin and lost of firmness and elasticity due to aging. I'm already to in my mid-20s and it is high time for me to take care of my skin because in few years to come youth will be fleeting fast. *wails*

So do check this precious serum out when you pass by any Lancome counters!! 


The final item I would like to share will be face sheet masks & eye masks!

A couple readers have been asking me to recommend the brands of face masks I use and I always can't remember the names but I know I particularly like the ones that has hooks for the ears and neck. 

So here are 2 that I've tried also in the past month that I find works for me!

I was given the Pearl From Pure Ocean (Rejuvenate & Whitening) face masks from SexyLook and the Platinum Eye whitening Patch (Deep Whitening Anti-Wrinkle) from LoveMore.

In each box, there are 5 masks.

$15.90 for the SexyLook face masks,
& $11.90 for the LoveMore eye masks.

I've only used eye mask twice in my entire life and this time I decided to give this a try!
It felt really refreshing on my skin and I do feel the skin area under my eyes getting more full and plump after using it. Eye circles appear less dark after 20 mins of masking too!

& remember how I said I really adore face masks which have the ear and neck hooks? So after visiting the Secretive website I realized I was using the SexyLook brand all along. HAHA. Just another series of face masks but the same brand.

Why do I love face masks with ear and neck hooks so much?

Because I can be upright, walking around my house, watching tv or using my computer when I'm applying it! I don't have to lie down and do nothing for 20 minutes like the normal sheet face masks which will fall off if I were to sit upright.

So I really like this invention and now they have new 4D technology to fit our faces better.

Check out 


That's all for now.

Am still working on my other entries.

Will be posting another 2-3 more this coming week!!


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